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The Sickest and Strongest Tigreal Build Mobile Legends Season 20

Android31 – Tigreal is a tank hero in the Mobile Legends game. This hero is often used when you want to level up or play classically.

Tigreal is a hero who has deadly crowd control skills and has great durability. No wonder this hero is often used when looking to improve his rank.

For those of you looking for the crassest and strongest Tigreal build recommendations for Mobile Legends Season 20, the following has Android31 recommendations for Tigreal Mobile Legends builds.

Courage mask

The first item you need to buy is Courage Mask. This roaming item must be used by support heroes and tank heroes. This item serves to multiply the hero’s core, by using this item the core hero gets a lot of gold and experience in farming.

Courage Mask offers an additional 700 HP and 10% cooldown reduction. Courage Mask also offers 15 movement speed attributes with unique passives: Increases movement speed by 30%, physical and magical attacks by 20% for nearby team heroes for three seconds. Then the second unique passive: get 25% gold and extra experience when you get assists.

Robust boots

The second must-have item is Tough Boots. This item is a moving item that must be used by all heroes during the early game. Robust boots feature to increase movement speed and magic defense. Using this item will make Tigreal stronger.

Tough Boots can provide an additional 22 magical defenses and increase movement speed by 40.

Dominance ice

The third item is Dominance Ice. Dominance Ice is a powerful item of defense to aid tank heroes like Tigreal. This item is used to increase durability and reduce the enemy hero’s movement and attack speed.

This item provides an additional 500 mana, 70 physical defense, and 5% movement speed. In addition, Dominance Ice offers an additional 10% cooldown reduction with a unique passive ability, namely: Reduce enemy movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 30%.


The fourth item that you need to buy is immortality, a very important item of defense for all heroes. Immortality is used to increase physical defense and revive Tigreal after being killed by an opposing hero.

Immortality gives an additional +800 HP and 40% physical defense. Immortality has a unique passive: reactivated after being killed in 2 seconds, dealing 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

Athena’s shield

Athena’s shield is an item of defense that is used to reduce magical power damage against Tigreal. By using this item, the mage’s hero damage is no longer painful, allowing Tigreal to fight with poles and be aggressive.

This item provides an additional 900 HP, 62 Magical Defense, and 4 HP regeneration. Athena’s shield also has a unique passive ability: Reduces magic damage by 25% for 5 seconds


The last item you need to buy is Oracle, a very powerful item of defense in Mobile Legends. This item is used to increase the cooldown reduction, amount of HP and the regeneration effect against Tigreal. Using this item will not make Tigreal a feeder as it is very difficult to kill from physical or magical heroes.

This item provides an additional +850 HP, 42 Magical Defense, and 10% cooldown reduction. Unique, Passive: Increases shield absorption and HP regeneration by 30%.

The last word

That is the recommendation to build Tigreal Mobile Legends Season 20. If you have other hero builds, don’t forget to post in the comments column.

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