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How to fight and counter hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

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Cecepkocep – Esmeralda is a tank mage from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang with a very good HP regeneration ability. In addition, he also has the ability to stab or repay the enemy’s blood, which is very good because of his passive ability and first ability.

Esmeralda’s most annoying ability is her shield. Because his first ability puts on a shield with an amount equal to his total magical power. In addition, another ability is to “steal” shields from nearby enemies. Then his shield will be converted to HP. Therefore this Esmeralda has a very good HP regeneration ability. Also Read: How To Fight And Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss how to counter (counter) the great Esmeralda of his heroes. Before getting into the discussion, however, it is better to read about Esmeralda’s strengths and weaknesses first. Because from here you will find the best way to counter Esmeralda. Curious how? Let’s watch the discussion below.

How to Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends

As I mentioned earlier, Esmeralda’s greatest ability is her tremendous HP regeneration. Esmeralda’s HP regeneration mechanism is as follows: Skill 1 Esmeralda gives her a shield, the height of which is determined by her magical power. Then this shield is converted to HP through passive abilities. While Esmeralda can also steal shields owned by enemies, including the skills and basic attacks she bestows on enemies. That way, the HP regeneration he gets will be even greater. You can see Esmeralda’s skills here: Tutorial, How to Play and Build the Latest Esmeralda Items in the Latest Bang Bang Mobile Legends 2021

One of the best ways to combat high HP regeneration is by purchasing items Deadly blade and Necklace of the Durance. Both items have a passive ability that can reduce the enemy’s HP regeneration by 50%. What sets it apart is passive. Deadly Blade becomes active when using Basic Attacks, while Necklace of Stamina uses Abilities. Deadly Blade is very suitable for physical heroes, while Necklace of the Durance is used by magical heroes. You can see a discussion of Deadly Blade items here: Deadly Blade, Powerful Items to Kill Alucard, Ruby, and Alpha Mobile Legends

Aside from these two items, we can also fight heroes with high HP regeneration by giving them control over the crowd, e.g. B. stun, kick up or push back. Then attacked with enormous damage. This way, Esmeralda’s HP regeneration will be less effective.

From this we can see that another way to fight Esmeralda is to use heroes who have crowd control skills and great burst damage. Here are the heroes you can meet with the Cecepkocep version of Esmeralda.


For shooters, I recommend buying Deadly Blade so that Esmeralda’s HP regeneration is not as effective. Here are some shooters I recommend for Esmeralda counters.

1. Moscow

This shooter has a very short shooting range, the shortest other shooter. But Moskov’s advantage is that it has crowd control. In addition, its attack speed is very high, especially when combined with critical items like Berserker’s Fury. Moskov’s best build-item combo is Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury.

With this ability, Moskov can counter Esmeralda very easily. Because he has the ability to control crowd in the form of recoil. It can even create a stun effect if its target hits a wall or tower. In this way, Esmeralda’s regeneration effect will stop as long as the stun effect lasts. When it’s stunned, remove Skill 1 and Basic Attack so that the damage from Moskov is huge, especially in the late game.

Steering the enemy against the wall is not easy, you need the right positioning. To minimize it, we can combine it with Badang or Grock as these two heroes can build walls. This will make it easier for you to isolate enemies, especially Badang. To be even more effective, you’ll also need to purchase Deadly Blade and other items like Malefic Roar to pierce armor and Demon Hunter Sword.

2. Career

The next hero we can counter Esmeralda with is Karrie. There is no question that Karrie is the most effective marksman against tank heroes with thick blood. Because the thicker the target’s HP, the more damage it does. In addition, the damage it does is real damage that enemy armor cannot penetrate.

Karrie’s 1st skill slightly reduces Esmeralda’s regeneration effect because it is slow. Then Karrie can inflict very high explosive damage to Esmeralda. Of course, Karrie can easily kill Esmeralda, especially when paired with the demon hunter sword and deadly blades. Also read: Make him helpless! How to Fight and Counter Hero Faramis Mobile Legends


Most mages have crowd control skills, but the best crowd control to reduce Esmeralda’s regeneration effect is stun. This will stop the HP regeneration effect for the duration of the stun. Here are some magicians I recommend for Esmeralda counters.

1. Aurora

Aurora is a very effective hero against heroes with high HP regeneration. Because he has a very good crowd control ability, namely freezing. Enemies are frozen for a few seconds. In addition, Aurora’s burst damage is huge too, it can even be an area with its ultimate ability.

It will be more effective when combined with tank heroes as shields. Then also buy necklaces of the Durance items and other items that support burst damage. It would be better if it was backed up with enemy damage dealers as well.

2. Eudora

Just like Aurora, Eudora has tremendous crowd control and blast damage. He has crowd control abilities in the form of stun, then can penetrate the enemy’s magic resistance as well as very large burst damage. But the crowd control that Eudora has is a single goal while Eudora can achieve one area.

Combine with tank and battle heroes for shields. Then purchase a Necklace of Stamina to reduce Esmeralda’s HP regeneration effect. Also combine with assassin heroes as enforcers.


To fight Esmeralda, try to use a tank that has crowd control. Because crowd control can stop the HP regeneration effect for a while. Here are some tanks I recommend for the Esmeralda counter.

1. Minotaur

Minotaur is the most effective tank against Esmeralda. Because Mino has a very good crowd control ability, which is in the form of knock-ups for a while. Crowd control from this Minotaur is also. With this ability, Esmeralda’s regeneration effect stops while her ultimate is running.

Since the Minotaur is a tank, his job is of course only as a crowd control and initiator. That’s why we need a damage dealer who does damage. In this way we can be accompanied by Aurora or Sagittarius for the harm. Also read: 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

2. Tiger

Just like the Minotaur, Tigreal has very good crowd control skills. But unfortunately he is not in the current meta season. It is seldom used like this. Although his ultimate ability is very effective at putting enemies in control of the crowd, including Esmeralda. Perhaps the problem is that Tigreal crowd control is very easy to avoid.

3. Akai

Akai can isolate enemies with its ultimate ability. If Akai manages to attach the enemy to the tower or wall, the target will be stunned. It would be better if combined with Moskov for extra anesthesia. In this way, the combination of these two heroes is very good for fighting Esmeralda.


One of the best ways to fight Esmeralda is by using items from the Deadly Blade and the Durance Necklace. Then it can also be fought with heroes who have crowd control skills and great burst damage. That way, Esmeralda’s HP regeneration won’t be as effective. In fact, it can be difficult while playing. This is just a theory and has only been done on a few games. Perhaps you have your own way of meeting this Esmeralda.

That is the discussion this time about how to counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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