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Divine Glaive, powerful item that penetrates magical defense in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Divine Glaive, powerful item that penetrates magical defense in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Cecepkocep – One of the items in the game Mobile legends is Divine glaive, or formerly known as Devil tears. This Divine Glaive is a magical item, so it is widely used by magical heroes such as Gusion, Selena, Kagura and other magicians.

This item is typically used against tank heroes who have strong magic resistance. This Divine Glaive is a counter against magical resistance items like Athena’s shield, oracle and immortality. The magical penetration of this item is very high, so it is very good when we use it.

In this article, Cecepkocep will discuss the subject matter of Divine Glaive Mobile Legends in more detail. Immediately we see the rating below.

Devil’s tears = divine glaive

In the past this item was called the Divine Glaive Devil Tears. If you are careful, the meanings of the names of the two elements are very different. Devil Tears means Devil’s Tears while Divine Glaive means Holy Sword.

One of the reasons the name of this article was changed is because of the family-friendly feature that Moonton wants to implement. Moonton removes all types of content that is not considered good for children, including those related to the terms demons and devils.

Base status

The status conferred by Divine Glaive is fair +65 magical power, there are no other states. But the selling point of this article is its passivity. That way you don’t expect too much from the magical power of this item.

The first passive of this item is + 40% magical penetration. This addition is very large, especially when the second passive is active. The second passive of the Divine Glaive item is to increase magical penetration by 30% when our blood is more than 70%. In this state means we get + 70% magical penetration. Very big, isn’t it? In this way, no matter what the magical resolution, the damage you cause will still be great because it has been penetrated by this item.

For example the enemy has 100 magical resolution, if you attack them with skills and your blood is still thick (> 70%) then the magical resolution that works for the enemy is only 30. Because 70% of Divine Glaive- Objects have been penetrated.

To maximize this Divine Glaive passive ability, try increasing your HP above 70%. Because if it is missing, the magical penetration is only 40%.

If we’re careful, the Divine Glaive item works similarly to the Malefic Roar item on the attack item. That means that only you will feel the benefits of using these two elements. This magic penetration does not reduce the opponent’s magic resistance, but penetrates it. That way, our teammates won’t feel the benefit.

For whom is it suitable?

All magical heroes are very suitable to use this item as long as they need magical penetration to fight tanks with high magical penetration. You have to keep in mind that + 70% magic penetration is very high. Especially in combination with hero skills that allow magical penetration, for example passive Eudora and passive Lunox. No matter how thick the enemy tanks are, they will still take great damage even though they have a high magical resolution.

When was it bought?

The price of Divine Glaive items is 1970. Compared to other mage items, Divine Glaive is quite cheap. It is only natural as this item does not offer high magical power. But the most important thing is the passive, which increases your magic damage.

This Divine Glaive item must be purchased in the late game as enemy tanks already have thick magical resolution. You can place this Divine Glaive in the fourth or fifth slot. This item will really be felt when the game enters the late game phase. At the beginning of the game, your focus should be more on cooldown reduction, spell vampire, or any other wizard item that has great advantages in the early game.

That is the discussion of the Divine Glaive Mobile Legends BangBang item. Good luck and hopefully useful. Thanks very much.

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