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How to always win in Mobile Legends

How to always win in Mobile Legends – After a long time, the admin is playing the Mobile Legends game. On this occasion the admin tries to review tips and tricks for those of you who are still beginners in playing Mobile Legends so that you always win in every fight. In fact, winning or losing is a natural thing in any game. Of course, if you keep winning a game you will get bored easily, right? Conversely, if you keep losing you will get more confused and keep looking for ways to win in the game.

In Mobile Legends itself, the ranking (not the level) is calculated. If you keep winning, your ranking will keep increasing. Likewise, if you lose, your game ranking will go down. Because of this, the admin is going to share a few tricks that might be useful for those of you who want to win every battle in Mobile Legends. All right, the admin has grouped several ways to always win in Mobile Legends which you can see below.

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How to always win in Mobile Legends

1. Make sure your internet connection is stable

Internet connection is the main factor in your victory. If the HP internet connection goes up and down automatically during the game, this becomes an intermittent delay which is of course very uncomfortable. The administrator recommends that if the network connection is unstable, it is better not to force playback. A PING of less than 200 ms is required for a stable connection in Mobile Legends. Continue reading: This is how you make mobile legends not delayed

2. Choose a compact team

Cohesion is the most important factor in winning any battle in Mobile Legends. It is better to invite classmates or work colleagues to play together than to randomly find a team. Because playing with your own friends makes it easy to strategize when you’re in the arena.

3. Customize hero with team

Don’t be selfish about choosing a hero. Balance the hero you will be using with the hero used by your team. See which hero is needed right? Tanks, support, sniper, or Magician.

4. Select the emblem that corresponds to the hero used

Emblem is a supporting skill for the hero you are using. When you use a hero magician. then choose Magic emblem set which adds magic power, magic resistance, cooldown reduction, HP and magic penetration. But when you use a hero tank, then you can choose Physical emblem set which adds physical attack, armor, HP, and attack speed.

5. Customize your battle magic hero

The admin himself prefers to use mage-type heroes, so admins often use it sprint so it’s easy to escape when an enemy is chasing you. However, if you are using a fighter type hero, the administrator recommends using Fury. You can try this battle spell one by one every time you fight.

6. Set game controls

For those of you who have not set the game control method, you can set the control method in Settings. For the AIM method, you can choose free aiming, the administrator suggests the selection for the target method Lowest HP target This method of control is very useful when you are in a group, then the skills you unlock will automatically target opponents whose HP is already low.

7. Arrange formation

Communicate with the team the first minute to arrange the formation. The most common formations are 1-3-1, 2-1-2, and 1-2-2. The screenshot below shows a 1-2-2 formation where the top line is 1, the middle / middle line is 2, and the bottom line is 2.

8. Concentrate on minions at the beginning of the game

Don’t be too eager to kill your opponent, play casually, focus on the minions first for the first minute to awaken your Mobile Legends hero skills. When the three skills can be used, you can focus on knocking down the tower.

9. Choose the right gear

When you meet a servant, you will receive bonus points that can be used to buy equipment. Tips from the admin just collect points first so you can buy expensive equipment. because expensive equipment gives your hero skills more power. If you are missing points, you can storm into the woods to score crepe.

10. Focus on the tower

In Mobile Legends game, the main objective is to destroy the opponent’s base tower. Don’t kill the opponent’s hero. So focus on developing a strategy to destroy the tower. But please note, if you want to hit the tower make sure there is a minion sacrifice because if there is no sacrifice below, the tower will attack your hero. The key is to be patient and wait for the minions to come. then hit the tower.

Well, that’s the review the admin can give on how to always win in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article can be useful to you Mobile Legends game lovers. Much luck!

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