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These are the 5 best Mobile Legends Heroes that are great for beginners

5 Best Mobile Legends Heroes Suitable For Beginners – The Mobile Legends game has a variety of heroes that you can choose and use to fight in the arena. From the many heroes, it was divided into several groups, namely: Tanks, hunters, assassins, magicians, snipers and supporters. Each hero type has a different role in each game. Therefore, you must not be selfish when choosing heroes, in every game there has to be a hero who acts as a hero Tanks, sniper as well as support, so that you can work together optimally to destroy the opposing tower.

Well, for those of you who are newbies and still confused about which hero to buy, the admin is taking this opportunity to make recommendations for some of the best Mobile Legends heroes that are suitable for beginners. Because not all heroes can be used optimally if you don’t know the hero’s power / task abilities in the arena. Below, the admin has rounded up 5 Mobile Legends heroes that the admin says are suitable for beginners.

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5 Best Mobile Legends Heroes Suitable For Beginners

1. Eudora

Eudora is the first mobile Legends hero suitable for beginners. Eudora has three main high offense abilities which are: Split lightning, electric arrow as well as Hit by thunder. This greatly reduces the opposing hero’s HP. Eudora can deal up to 15% damage. Besides, Eudora also has skills Superconductor whereby this skill can mark the opponent’s hero so that your team hero’s abilities are stronger. Skills Superconductor this is very suitable when aimed at a tank-type hero who, by the way, has high physical defense.

2. Cyclops

Cyclops is a giant who only has one eye. This hero acts as a magician who is endowed with three kinds of magical skills that are very useful for helping tank heroes. Skills Star power lockdown are able to track enemy and target are mobilized / locked for 1 to 2 seconds. Cyclops also has skills Attack the planets If this skill is able to create a starry ball that spins around it, the ball will automatically attack, dealing 200-325 damage to the target hero. Cyclops is perfect for playing behind a tank hero.

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3. Freya

Third best Mobile Legends hero suitable for beginners is Freya. Freya is a heroine fighter have the skills passive mind contact where this skill is able to generate a sacred shield every 2 basic attacks. When stacked three times, it can activate the accelerator for the sacred shield, which will deal damage to any enemy hero that is overtaken. In addition, Freya also has 2 combo skills Godspeed strike whereby this skill can increase the attack speed in 5 seconds in the form of a fan that can inflict physical damage to the opponent’s hero from 180 to 280 points. Not only that, Freya’s main skill is Flapping Wings (Valkyrie), which deals physical damage of 360 to 600 points to nearby enemy heroes. Also read: How to get the free hero Freya

4. Alucard

You can buy Alucard Hero for 15,000 battle points. Alucard plays the hero fighter what is suitable to get an item Assassin. According to his role, the Alucard fighter can attack his opponents head-on, armed with three combo skills, namely: Splinters of the ground, persecution as well as Gap shaft. Alucard becomes more vicious when the combat level is already looking for 13 and above. Therefore, this hero is suitable for battles over 15 minutes.

5. Estes

Estes is the fifth best Mobile Legends hero. This hero acts as a support where Estes 4 Skeligus heroes can donate blood and add blood to themselves. Also, Estes has skills Domain of the moon goddess that this skill is able to create a circular light effect that aims to slow down the opponent’s hero and can inflict 350 to 600 damage on the opponent’s hero in the circle of light.

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Well, that was the test of the 5 best Mobile Legends heroes suitable for beginners. In order for you to better understand the abilities of the heroes recommended by the admin above, you can watch live streaming of the legendary divisions fighting with these heroes. Hopefully this review is useful and can give you all some insight.

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