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How not to play a LAG (broken) when playing Mobile Legends on HP RAM 512

How to lag while playing Mobile Legend on HP RAM 512 – Mobile Legends Bang Bang game is getting more popular every day. How not, Mobile Legends is a themed game Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) The best right now for smartphone platforms, especially Android. This can be clearly seen in the installation value on Google Play, which has increased dramatically to 10 million installations. The value of this installation suggests the game similar to its predecessor, viz Boasting That’s only 5 million installations. Mobile Legends games can also be used as a substitute for players who cannot play Dota 2 on the PC.

As we know, this game is an online game that must be played with a stable internet connection and sufficient smartphone RAM capacity. However, due to the limited specs of the smartphone they have, many gamers experience lag issues or interruptions or even tight concentration while playing Mobile Legends. This is of course a big problem for gamers, as it really disrupts the fun of the game. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to offer a powerful way to overcome lag or broken while playing Mobile Legends on a smartphone with minimal specs.

Mobile legends no longer

There are several ways you can overcome the lag in playing Mobile Legend. Here’s a full review:

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So, how not to lag behind while playing Mobile Legends on Android

1. Stabilize the internet connection

Having a stable internet connection is an obligation that you must meet if you want to play Mobile Legends smoothly. I recommend using a 4G LTE network or using a wifi router.

But for those of you who don’t have both networks, you can use third-party applications to stabilize your Android smartphone’s internet network. One application you can use is HSPA + Tweaker which you can download for free from Google Play. This application can be used for smartphones that only have 3G or HSPA networks. For how to use it, you can check out my previous post: How to Use the HSPA + Tweaker Application.

2. Stop running apps

For smartphones with only 512 RAM: you need to disable or freeze applications running in the background before opening the Mobile Legends game. Applications that you can stop temporarily are social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, and others. The way to temporarily stop a running application is very simple. Added Settings> APP Manager> Then find the application that you want to stop later > Select Force Stop.

App settings

After the memory on the smartphone has been relieved, you can now open the Mobile Legends game directly.

3. Change the graphics quality of the Mobile Legends game

The Mobile Legends game offers 3 graphical display options, namely: Low, medium and Big. For those whose smartphones have minimum specs, you can change the graphics settings to Low. Changing the graphic display is quite easy.

1. On the home page, click the profile icon.

Mobile legend settings

2. Choose Basic information then choose arrangement.

Mobile legend settings

3. Adjust the settings with the picture below, or you can adjust the settings yourself.

Graphics settings for mobile legends

This is a review on how to avoid lags or interruptions while playing Mobile Legends on Android smartphones with mediocre specs. Hopefully, with this tutorial, you can play Mobile Legends smoothly and comfortably. If you still don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. Much luck.

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