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How to Stabilize Internet PING While Playing Online Games on Android

How to Stabilize Internet PING While Playing Online Games on Android – In today’s internet era, many online games are chosen by gamers to spend their free time. The excitement of playing online games is very different from offline games. Like not, players can play in real time with other players around the world. Currently popular online games, especially the Android platform, are MOBA games (Multiplayer online battle arena) how Mobile Legends, Vainglory, Mobile Arena And many others. Aside from MOBA games, strategy genre games are still excellent like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale. Not only that, now it’s a legend game PS2 This is GTA San Andreas will also release an online version for Android smartphones. Of course, there are plenty of other online games that you can choose to spend your free time on.

However, it turns out that the fun of playing online is often interrupted by unstable network problems with the internet connection. Because in order to be able to play online games smoothly, the internet network has to be stable, at least it has a PING below 150ms. If your internet PING is above that, it’s no wonder the game can delay / abandon and even force-close. Of course, things like that often make you bad mods or confused, don’t they? ^ _ ^. The admins themselves often feel how annoyed they are when they play a game and are interrupted by an unstable network. So I will take this opportunity to give you a way to stabilize the Android internet ping so that it is not stable up and down.

Before we go into the tutorial, I will first briefly tell you about the term PING in the Internet network, which for some gamers may often misinterpret the term ping. PING is a command or basic program that is run at the command prompt to test whether or not the Internet network is connected on a computing device or Android smartphone. That’s how we often hear the term PING test. In addition, the PING program can also diagnose how strong the network connected to our device is. To find out the stability of the internet connection on a device, we can perform this PING test.

Okay, let’s get back to the discussion, which is how to stabilize internet PING on Android. In fact, administrators often say that the quality of an internet network largely depends on where you live, as many home providers haven’t penetrated into remote villages, so your internet connection is smooth, not up and down.

In this tutorial we use an application from StreamSoft That means PingTools network utilities. This application has many test tools for diagnosing a network, such as: Watcher, local network, GeoPing, traceroute as well as PING test. This application is quoted from the official Play Store page and has a ping test with additional features like TCP and HTTP HTTPS ping. In addition, the ping test can run in the background, which continues to monitor the status of the remote host without interruption. Of course, this PingTools application has no doubt that it can stabilize your Android 3G and 4G internet connection. This application can also work with all home providers, such as Tri (3), Sympathy, XL, M3, Axis, As and other.

This PingTools application has two versions, namely a free version and a paid version. PingTools Pro. However, the free version is already the full power. Of course, in order to achieve the best performance, several configurations must be set in this application. Here is a full explanation:

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How to Stabilize Android Internet PING with the PingTools App

1. Please download the application first PingTools network utilities via GooglePlay.

2. If the application is already installed on the smartphone, please open the application. Then tap that menu then choose RING.

3. Tap the menu on the right and select settings.

4. Switch on Number of pings Will Unlimited, then select mode to HTTPS, select next to save. See the picture below for clarification.

4. The last time you ran RING and keep this app running in the background while you play the game.

5. Done and feel the difference.

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This application loudly notifies you when your internet network ping is weak. When there is a notification, you can immediately search for a stronger location. If your internet network is still slow with this application, Adam recommends using a wifi network to make your connection more stable.

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This is a review of how to stabilize the internet network PING when playing online games on Android. If something is still unclear, you can ask in the comments column at the end of this article. Hopefully this review is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck.

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