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Explanation of Marsha's ability in Mobile Legends, New Hero with HP Rain and Great Damage

Explanation of Marsha's ability in Mobile Legends, New Hero with HP Rain and Great Damage Monotonous republished a new hero in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The hero is called Masha with a role fighter. It has a very high HP regeneration ability and can do enormous damage. He is the most effective fighter against thick blooded heroes. I wonder why

Judging by their statistics, Masha did durability very big and offense which is also great. Even Ability effectit is also very big. Different to Dyrroth which was released some time ago on Original server that has a big attack but very little durability and ability effect.

Although he has great defense, attack and skill effects, we will find it a little difficult to master this hero. Because if you look at the statistics, Masha has difficulty (Difficulty level) to master this hero is very big.

In this article I want to explain the abilities of this new fighter hero named Masha. Let’s check out the review below.

Passive Skill: Ancient Strength

Masha Mobile Legends Passive Skills

If I describe it in more detail, Masha has 5 passive skills that you should know about. The five passive skills are as follows.

  1. Masha has as much HP as 3 bars (3 layers HP).
  2. Every time the third and second bars run out, Masha becomes immune (immune) against the next enemy attack.
  3. Every time Masha loses 1% HP, then his attack speed increases by 1.2% (1% HP lost = 1.2% ATK speed). This way, the more people die, the faster Masha’s attack speed will be.
  4. If Masha’s HP remains 2 bars, she gets 10% life steal.
  5. If Masha’s HP stays 1 bar, she gets 20% life steal and 80% resilience (reduces the duration of crowd control granted to the enemy).

Skill 4: Life Restoration

Skill 4 Masha Mobile Legends

I accidentally jumped to skill 4, not first to skill 1. Because skill 4 is closely related to Masha’s passive skill. Its fourth ability is will Restore 80% HP and get Masha’s HP bar level up/ increase to next batch. Skills are intentionally useless in combat. If it can be used, maybe Masha will be to OP when it is used.

With Passive and Skill 4 Masha becomes a fighter hero with very high HP. This passive ability increases Masha’s attack speed and life steal. So we can definitely determine the right build item for Masha. Yes, the right building item for Masha is Attack speed and life stealing.

Oh yeah folks, Masha’s passive voice is also very terrible in my opinion. How not, because he can get 80% resilience. Yes, we get this effect if Masha’s HP remains 1 bar. What was resilience in the past?

In short, resilience can reduce the duration of crowd control received, in this case it is 80% for Masha’s passive. The way this drag effect works is similar to that of the Ultimate Argus Skill, which can reduce the duration of enemy crowd control by 25% and shoes Robust boots .

For example, you should get 1 stun effect. So when you get 80% resilience, the stun effect is 0.2 seconds. Isn’t this Masha great? But there is also a weakness because when Masha’s blood is 1 bar left it is very low, even lower than other fighters. But of course we can outsmart it with items of defense.

Skill 1: Howling Shock

Skill 1 Masha Mobile Legends

Masha will roar in the direction we indicated and deliver shock energy to the target by giving Physical harm 200-300 (+ 100% additional Physical ATK) and causes an effect slow by 40%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds.

If this skill 1 hits the enemy, he is affected Disarm For 2 seconds. What is the disarming effect? This means that the opponent cannot use normal attacks for 2 seconds. When this effect is active, we can see the ax strike mark above the head of the enemy affected by skill 1.

However, if the enemy can leave the place where they were affected by the disarming effect, they can use normal attacks again. Masha’s first skill is similar to Lancelot’s passive skill, which can throw away the opponent’s defenses.

Skill 2: Wild Power

Skill 2 Masha Mobile Legends

Masha activates the mode Wild power and increases its movement speed by 20-35% (increases depending on the level) and deals physical damage of 3.5% -6% (increases depending on the level) of the target’s maximum HP with auto-attack. Masha’s 2nd skill is somewhat similar to performing a passive object Demon Hunter Sword (DHS).

However, when Masha activates her second ability, her HP drops 1.5% of her maximum HP every second.

Skill 3: Clap of Thunder

Skill 4 Masha Mobile Legends

Masha’s HP is reduced by 50% when using Skill 3. It will knock the enemy back slightly, dealing physical damage equal to 15% -25% (+ 100% total physical ATK) of the target’s maximum HP. This skill also gives a 90% slowing effect that lasts for 1 second.

The damage from Masha’s 3 abilities gets even bigger when used on heroes with very thick blood. It is very suitable against tank heroes and fighters who, by the way, have thick blood. Likewise with the second ability.

The last word

That is the explanation that Masha has. In my opinion, this hero is very OP. He has big HP, a high HP regeneration, a high attack speed and a very large resistance effect. Perhaps Montoon will make adjustments so that this hero can be balanced before it is finally released on the original server.