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Mobile Legends - New Skins and Heroes release schedule for June 2021

Cecepkocep – Montoon releases new skins or heroes every month, even in June. Many skins will be released on the original Mobile Legends server this June. So just prepare your diamonds to get the skin you want.

Which skins will be released in June 2021? Let’s watch the discussion below.

1 # Kaja Starlight Skin – Kaminari

Kaja Starlight Skin Kaminari Mobile Legends

The June Starlight Skin went to Kaja under the name Kaminari Skin. This skin will be released on the original or upgraded server starting June 1st. To get this skin, you must first subscribe to the Starlight member. You can use 550 diamonds to subscribe to Starlight members, you can also use 1100 diamonds to get more benefits.

When interpreted, Kaminari means god of thunder. Yes, according to his abilities. But at first glance I see that this skin is almost similar to Moskov’s skin Yasha. This kaja skin only looks more masculine because it has wings and uses a bird-shaped mask.

At the Legends tier and above, Kaja is sometimes always a prohibited subscription because of the ability to kidnap one of the enemy’s carry heroes. Not only that, his early to mid game damage is also very large. Even at Mobile Legends tournaments, Kaja is always a bone of contention.

2 # New hero Terizla

New hero Terizla Mobile Legends

The new hero Terizla will be released on June 4th, 2021 on the original server. He is one of the battle heroes who has special burst damage. He can do a lot of damage and has very good crowd control. On top of that, he can also be a very tough fighter as he has the ability to convert his lost HP into damage reduction.

You can get Terizla by using diamonds or Battle Points (BP). This hero sells for 599 diamonds and there is a 30% discount on purchases made in the first week. You can also get it with 32,000 diamonds.

For those of you who want to buy it with Battle Points, it is better not to be in a rush. Wait up to 2 to 3 weeks. Let the pro players judge whether or not this hero will enter the meta. Because there is no point in you buying it if you rarely use it. Unless you’re the sultan hehehe.

3 # Terizla Normal Skin – Abyss Guard

Terizla Normal Skin Abyssal Guard Mobile Legends

Terizla’s normal skin will be released along with the hero on June 4th, 2021. This skin sells for 269 diamonds. Kaja and the normal skin will also be available in “bundle” form, but I don’t know how many diamonds will be sold yet. But it won’t be much like bundles of previous heroes that have been released.

4 # Harley Epic Skin – VENOM Octopus

Harley Epic Skin - VENOM Octopus

The next VENOM skin to be released on the original server is Harley named Octopus. This epic Harley skin will be released on June 11th. This skin sells for 899 diamonds and has a 30% discount on purchase for the first week.

To get the VENOM Octopus Skin cheaper, you can also pre-order 20 diamonds. In addition, you can enjoy this test skin as well. Then there’s a 40 diamond discount when you pre-order. You can also invite friends for more discounts. For more details, just check out the rules in the game.

Harley is still a subscription to these solo players. Because this hero is very easy to use and does not depend on team combinations. In addition, this hero also has very large burst damage and is very difficult to kidnap. Highly recommended for those of you who want to improve your rank with this hero.

5 # Helcurt Special Skin – Evolved Predator

Helcurts Special Skin Evolved Predator will be released on June 13, 2021 on the original server. You can get this skin with 79 diamonds. If you buy in the first week, you will receive a 30% discount.

This Helcurt special skin is very cool and scary in my opinion. When I look at the skin it looks like a millipede or I don’t know wow. But I think it is highly recommended for you to buy.

Helcurt is still an effective assassin for the push rank because he has a very annoying ability, which is to be quiet. On top of that, he can also deal tremendous burst damage with his second ability. This hero is perfect for those of you who like to advance to rank two or five. Even at some tournaments, Helcurt is still often chosen by professional players.

6 # Johnson Epic Skin – Wreck King

The Epic Johnson skin will be released on June 15, 2021 on the original server. You can get this Johnson skin through Lucky Treasure. This way you need to have lots of diamonds to get it. But there are also many benefits that you will get. You have to have a lot of diamonds because to get the Wreck King Skin you don’t only need 1 round.

Since this is an epic skin, the skill effect that this Johnson skin possesses is of course very good. It seems that Johnson is like a transformer. I don’t think you will regret getting it.

Johnson is still a very dangerous tanker because of his hit-and-run skills. It is very difficult to guess Johnson’s movements on the map, especially when used by really professional players. So it is not infrequently often banned, especially in the epic tier.

7 # Zhask zodiac skin – cancer

The Zodiac skin released this month is Cancer, which is owned by Zhask. This skin will be released on June 22nd, 2021 on the original server. You can get this skin through Summon Zodiac, so you will need a lot of diamonds. But you will have many advantages.

It seems that Zhask will be popular again on the original server after patch 1.3.80, it is getting a makeover. Now he’s even more dangerous and very difficult to kill. Now he’s going to have tremendous damage. Maybe he will enter Meta Season 12 or the next season?

8 # New hero, Dyrroth / Dyrus

The new hero Dyrothh will be released on June 26th on the original server. Initially this hero was called Dyrus, but Montoon changed him to Dyrroth. He is a fighter hero who has very agile skills and, like an assassin, has great explosion damage.

Unfortunately, despite the high damage, he has a defense that is not as big as a fighter in general. So he doesn’t last too long in a team fight. His skills are more like assassin.

For those of you interested in this hero, please prepare your Diamonds or Battle Points. You can get this hero for 32k BP. An explanation of Dyrroth’s abilities can be found here.

9 # Dyrroth normal skin – scale drilling

Dyrroth’s normal skin Scalebore will be released along with the hero on June 26th. This skin has a purple base color, but it’s pretty cool. If you’re curious about what the gameplay is like, just check out the video above.

10 # Vexana Exclusive Skin S12 – Prisoner

Based on information from patch 1.3.86, the 12th season of Mobile Legends will end on June 28th. And the skin price is Vexana, prisoner. You can get this skin if your rank ends at the master level or higher. Those of you who finish Season 12 at Elite Level and below will not be able to receive the award.

Perhaps Vexana will be widespread by Mobile Legends players later, early in Season 12. The nerf it got a while ago made a lot of gamers reluctant to use it. Especially for Epic-Tier and above. Even if the damage to this hero is very painful and his ultimate ability is really annoying.

You can see the look and feel of this new Vexana skin in the video above. Not bad either, guys for season price skins.

11 # Hanabi Epic Skin – VENOM Nephila

The fourth member of the VENOM team is Hanabi named Nephila. Hanabi looks like a spider. This skin sells for 899 diamonds, but it seems you can pre-order first. And receive a discount by participating in certain events or directly 30% discount for purchases in the first week.

Hanabi is still a marksman that is still widely used, especially by new players. Because this hero is very easy to use and does enormous damage in the late game. Characteristic of this hero is his immunity. He can be immune to crowd control.

You can see the gameplay of this Hanabi skin in the video above. I think this skin is very cool guys and very good for you guys to buy. But the price is quite expensive. For Hanabi users, you buy this skin automatically.

These are some skins and heroes that will be released on the original server in June. Perhaps Monton will speed up or even slow down the skin release schedule. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel No gaming to see the latest Mobile Legends skin and hero gameplay.