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Magical items are items that basically create magical power. Usually used by heroes with magician, support roles and there are also some fighter and assassin roles like Guinevere, Karina and Selena. Here is the explanation.

  • Enchanted talisman is an item suitable for heroes who are wasteful and need a short cooldown. Because this item has the greatest mana regeneration and can reduce skill cooldowns.
  • Winter club, this item has the basic function of adding magical power, HP and physical defense. The unique passive of this item is that it freezes your hero so that your opponent cannot attack and the hero you are using cannot attack your opponent.
  • Feather of heaven, this item has the basic function of adding magic power, attack speed and movement speed. This item is suitable for hero mages who rely on simple attacks, such as Silvanna and Esmeralda.
  • Necklace of the Durance, this item is widely used by players to face enemy heroes who have blood recovery (HP Rain) abilities like Esmeralda, Uranus, etc.
  • Divine glaive, just like the Malefic Roar item, this item adds magical power and magical penetration to penetrate the thick shield or magical defense of the opponent’s hero armor. If the opponent’s tank is using Athena’s shield and an item of defense with magical defense, the use of this item is highly recommended.
  • Holy crystal, this item will hurt your hero mage skills even more as the sacred crystal item has the basic function of adding 100 magical power. This increases your hero’s magical power.
  • Concentrated energy, is an item that has a high spell vamp or life steal / blood enhancer for magical attack heroes, but with the indication that the hero skill you are using must hit the opponent.
  • Frozen wand, this item provides additional mana and magical power. This item has a unique passive ability that can slow enemy Heroes movement when exposed to your hero abilities.
  • Glowing wand, this item has the basic function of adding magic power, HP and movement speed. This item has a unique passivity in the form of a burning effect on the opponent’s hero for 3 seconds when hit by your hero’s skill.
  • Disaster Reaper, this item is similar to the Endless Battle item in that after using hero skills, this item can deal real damage to real attacks. But this item is only used by magical heroes.
  • Clock of fate, this item is perfect for hero mages who need a lot of mana. Because this item not only adds magical power and HP, but also a lot of mana. Since this item works with a stack, it will be maximized when this item is purchased in the early game.
  • Blood wing, this item will add a lot of magical power compared to other items. In addition, this item can also add thick blood to your hero as the Blood Wings item adds 500 HP.
  • Fleeting time, this item’s basic function is to add magical power and reduce cooldowns. In addition to this, this item can also quickly decrease the ultimate cooldown whenever you receive a kill or assist.
  • Lightning stick, this item will add magical power, mana, and cooldown reduction to the hero. In addition, this item can reflect magic damage on the opponent’s hero and his surroundings every 6 seconds. The amount of damage reflected is equal to the maximum amount of your hero. In other words, the greater the maximum number of heroes you use, the greater the damage reflected.
  • Genius wand, this item is widely used by hero mages when there are enemy heroes who have high magic defense. By using this item, the hero ability with which we can inflict damage on the opponent will decrease the magical defense of the opposing hero.

That was the explanation of magic items in Mobile Legend. Thank you for visiting this blog.