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Physical items are items used by heroes with a physical attack type. In general, this item is used by battle heroes, marksmen, and assassin heroes.

Items related to this physical attack can add physical attack, attack speed, and critical chance. Below is an explanation and function of the newest physical elements in Mobile Legend.

  • Demon hunter sword, is a known item as a tank destroyer. The thicker the HP (blood) of the hero’s armor, the more painful the damage from this item. This item is perfect for heroes who rely on their attack speed, namely heroes in the role of archer.

  • Corrosion scythe, this item has the basic function of adding physical attack, movement speed and attack speed. This item can be used when you want to make the opponent’s hero run slowly when attacked with a simple attack.
  • Golden staff, this item is suitable for heroes who rely on attack speed and physical attacks, such as the heroes Claude and Karrie. This item becomes useless if the hero used is a critical hero as any critical damage present is converted into attack speed. Therefore, this item is not very suitable when combined with items from Berseker’s Fury or Scarlet Phantom.
  • Wind of nature This item is used to add physical attack, attack speed, and physical lifeblood. It is also widely used as it has an active ability that can make the hero immune to any physical damage for 2 seconds.
  • Malicious roar, this item has the basic function of adding a physical attack. In addition, this item is also used to penetrate the armor of the hero’s tank. Malefic Roar is very good for thrust towers as it passively ignores 20% of the tower’s defense, which means the damage we do to the tower is greater.
  • Haas’ claws, this item adds physical attack and physical lifesteal when the hero’s normal attack hits the opponent.
  • Berseker’s anger very suitable for heroes who need critical damage, like Irithel and Clint. Because the item adds a pretty big critical chance effect to Berseker’s Fury.
  • Endless struggle, this item is arguably the item that is used by almost all heroes with physical damage. Endless Battle items have many basic functions in addition to physical attack and physical life stealing. This item is widely used because it can do real damage to basic attacks, or in short, basic attacks become more intense after you use skills.
  • Wind announcer, this item is suitable when you want to add attack speed, critical chance and movement speed to your hero. This item can also be used on mage heroes who need simple attacks, such as Chang’e’s hero.
  • Scarlet Phantom, this item has the basic function of adding physical attack, attack speed and critical chance. This item is suitable for critical attack heroes like Bruno and Irithel. Scarlet Phantom can be combined very well with Berserker’s Fury.
  • Blade of Heptaseas, if your hero takes no damage within 5 seconds, this passive item deals massive physical damage on the first hit of the basic attack. This item is a mandatory item for assassins.
  • Blade of Despair, this item has the basic function of adding physical attack and movement speed. This BOD item is the physical item that adds the most physical attack and is also the most expensive physical item.
  • Hunter strike This item has a basic function of adding physical attack, cooldown reduction, and movement speed increase when dealing damage 5 times in a row. This item is widely used by Assassin Heroes who want to battle tanks with thick armor.
  • Bloodlust ax, this item does a fundamental job of adding physical attacks and providing life steal when the abilities we’re using hit the enemy, plus an additional reduction in cooldown.
  • Rose gold meteor, this item is very useful when there is a burst damage-type hero mage opponent that does high damage. Because this item not only adds physical attacks and lifesteal, but also provides a shield if your hero’s HP (blood) is below 30%.
  • Halberd, this item has the basic function of adding physical attack and attack speed. This item is often used to reduce the HP (blood) regeneration effect of the opposing hero. This item is a counter for heroes like Alucard, Esme, Ruby, and Thamus who have a major life steal.

That was the discussion about physical items. Sorry if there are some bugs and thanks for those of you who visited this blog.