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Event chest m2 with free skin prices

What is an M2 Chest Event? There the event shows a chest (box) with the missions it contains. Then how do you get free skins from this M2 Mobile Legends follow-up event?

How to get free skins from the follow-up event:

  1. First, of course, you open the Mobile Legends application and then go to the M2 event area (top left).
  2. After that, complete the existing missions and claim points from the mission.
  3. Fill the dots under the chest, every time it is full the chest will be upgraded. Now you get better free skin type with every breast upgrade.
  4. Then open the chest on January 30th to receive the free skin.
  5. Complete.

Basically in this event you only collect points from existing missions to improve the level of the chest (box).

Now the skin price will be increased for each breast level from normal, elitist, epic to special.

This is of course very easy, just do the missions every day so that the points can be collected in full and the chests can be upgraded every few days.

Remember that the free MLBB skin from this chest cannot be opened until January 30th, 2021 and the skin you will receive will be the same as your chest height.

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