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Easy ways to duplicate or clone Android apps and games

Of course, with the presence of Play Store services on Android smartphones, it is easier for us to install various applications. Starting with social media applications, gaming or e-commerce such as online shopping applications.

Aside from being entertaining, the presence of these various applications certainly facilitates our needs. Learning a foreign language on a smartphone is also easy with the Duolingo application.

So it is not uncommon for people who need 2 social media accounts on the same smartphone to support their productivity.

But do you know how to have 2 social media accounts on the same smartphone?

If not, Courier ID will reply immediately!

To have multiple accounts on the same smartphone, you need to duplicate the Android application.

Duplicating Android applications shouldn’t be arbitrary. We are unable to repeatedly install applications through the Play Store due to restricted access functions.

Then how do you duplicate Android applications in 1 smartphone? Please see the tutorial below!

Easy Ways to Duplicate / Clone / Duplicate Android Applications (APK)

How to duplicate Android apps with parallel storage

When duplicating Android applications, you will need additional applications to be installed on your device. I myself recommend 2 of the best cloning applications tailored for the user experience.

The uses are: App cloner and Parallel space – multiple accounts. Unfortunately, App Cloner’s performance is no longer promising when relying on duplicating an application. In addition, the functions and methods of duplicating Android applications through this application are quite long and seem quite complicated.

So this time, I’m going to review how to duplicate Android applications through Parallel Space.

The steps are as follows:

  • Please install the application first Parallel space in the Google Play Store.
  • Next, you will be greeted by a nice slider that introduces you to the various features of this app.

Parallel space

  • Selection button “+” on this application to add different applications that you want to duplicate.
  • After the application has been successfully duplicated, you now have the same application with a different account.

Parallel space

Simple, isn’t it?

Note: This application has 9 application cloning features and private cloning apk support

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