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Open resellers! How to sell Diamond Free Fire (FF) at the cheapest price – Would you like to know the secret of the affordable price of diamond-free fire? How to sell diamond ff from the center, open the reseller again!

As we know, Free Fire is the number 1 game in Indonesia and is identical to the little boys as the main players in this game. Free Fire always presents various pocket-friendly top-up events, especially for small bags. No wonder Garena Free Fire’s financial circulation is pretty good due to the little boys’ hard work replenishing diamonds.

It is this habit that interests many people in selling Free Fire diamonds, although fortunately it is small, the frequency is very high. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people confused about how to start this free fire diamond business.

However, Mimin is here to offer a solution!

How to Sell Diamond FF (Free Fire) Prizes from the Center

By the time this article is published, there are many things that we can get out of the Free Fire game. Ranging from free weapon skins, free packs, free pets to controversial dramas. With things like this, don’t be surprised if you all think that Free Fire has a very large market in Indonesia.

For example, the Mystery Shop Free Fire Event will be presented again. This discounted event has been considered the busiest event in the Free Fire game that no one wants to miss.

While playing, it is a good idea to know how to sell Diamond Free Fire without a lot of capital. This is sure to be something really fun, acceptable, and productive. When you can otherwise play games while getting paid.

Right now, more and more Free Fire players are looking for ways to sell FF diamonds. This development is no coincidence, because Free Fire is one of the best-selling games on the Indonesian market.

So far, Free Fire has been downloaded 500 million times from around the world, with Indonesia alone estimated to have 10 million active players. You can imagine, of course, that diamond sales represent promising potential with so many players.

Benefits of Selling Diamond Free Fire

Before we discuss how to sell Free Fire diamonds, let’s first discuss what Diamond Free Fire is and how the package can be used for profit.

Diamonds are nothing more than the currency in the Free Fire game and are typically used to purchase various game enhancements and weapons. So before you buy skins or bundles in this game, you need to buy diamonds first.

Buying and selling diamonds is a potentially productive business as one vendor has unique value to another in relation to the authority value established by Garena Free Fire. This difference can later be a source of your profit.

Open Reseller Diamond FF (Lowest Price)


Here is the price for the Free Fire Diamond Reseller we offer. You can earn more than IDR 5,000 per transaction using the current market price. But in order to become a member of our reseller, you must of course meet some requirements.


  • Register via Whatsapp-Admin 0895330530381 (Free registration)
  • Not for personal accounts
  • The minimum transaction for a week is 5 times
  • Adhere to the minimum price rules
  • Don’t spam chat
  • How to order for resellers will be notified via Whatsapp
  • Prices can change at any time
  • Limited reseller slots

Selling price

How to Sell Free Fire Diamonds

The following is an example of the current retail price of Free Fire diamonds. You can use this price or increase the price above it to get more profit.

The price above is the cheapest price that you need to adhere to in order not to damage the FF diamond price market. If one of the resellers is caught lowering the price below the market price, they will be removed without notice.

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