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Cool! These 9 latest Mobile Legends Skins will be released after oath – There is exciting news for Mobile Legends game lovers. The reason for this is that there are more than 9 new exclusive skins released after this oath. Who and what are these skins? Let’s check out the review below.

Still in the oath mood, we’ve received good news with the launch of several exclusive mobile legend skins following this oath. While it’s not certain when these skins will be released, our observations suggest that these skins were made to welcome the upcoming season 9.

In our last update I mentioned that Estes will get the latest skin as the owner of the Season 8 exclusive skin, but it turns out that Estes is not alone as there are more than 9 other heroes exclusive after this season Skins are obtained ends.

Mobile Legends Latest Exclusive Skin List – Season 9

1. Kagura’s special skin – summer festival

Skin Kagura Summer Festival

Some readers may already know that in the welcome to summer, Hayabusa and Kagura were chosen as the heroes entitled to a pair of skins called HayaGura. Since this skin was developed to welcome the new season, the status of this skin is Special Skin.

Kagura herself gets a skin called Summer Festival. Unlike the previous skins, which emphasize pink as a skill effect. In this skin there will be several new effects with orange as the base color.

For those of you who have not yet bought the Cherry Witch skin, it is better to wait for this pair skin. It could be that this particular skin is better than the previous skin.

2. Hayabusa’s special skin – sushi master

Skin Hayabusa sushi masterWhile the appearance of this sushi master skin is being welcomed, it turns out that Moonton’s group is also overhauling Hayabusa’s skills to improve them. Until the publication of this article, there has been no official decision on what the Hayabusa’s capabilities will be in the future.

From our observations, the user experience will be the benchmark for the developers of this game. After all, Moonton himself still often requests to change the Hayabusa ability on the extended server?

3. Epic Fanny Skin – Skylark

Skin fanny skylarkEven if many Counterfanny heroes have surfaced, but so far, the existence of this hero is still very high. Can cause tremendous damage, coupled with super agile movements, makes it a challenge for its users.

Although this hero has appeared since season 3, the number of skins he has is very small, only 2 pieces. But along with Fanny’s increasing presence on Youtube, Moonton finally decided to launch an epic skin called Skylark.

While there hasn’t been any gameplay on this skin yet, it is certain that this epic skin will be a lot better than the previous Fanny skin.

4. Jawhead Special Skin – Space Explorer

Skin Jawhead Space Explorer

As a hero charger capable of high damage, Jawhead sells quite well in the competitive arena. Besides being able to disrupt the enemy’s formation, the armor one possesses is good enough to wage an open war.

Well this time around, Jawhead comes with a special skin called Space Explorer, which is a color that is pretty fresh to the eye. We are waiting for Moonton’s official gameplay for more details.

5. Angela’s Elite Skin – China Doll (Starlight July 2021)

Angela China doll skin

Successfully dubbed the most annoying support heroine, Angela finally got her newest skin folks. While its elite status is still being debated, from our rationale it is not impossible for this skin to become a Starlight member skin for the July 2021 boys.

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In addition, Angela is still known to be overwhelmed by quite a large number of users. It seems like becoming a Starlight skin isn’t impossible. So how about this, are you ready with the July Starlight Skin guys?

6. Skin Special Miya – Suzuhime

Miya Suzuhime's skinActually, we were pretty surprised to find out that Miya was going to get another special skin, folks. Given the huge number of skins he currently has, it feels like it’s too much.

But in fact, this is the benefit of having a beautiful character that is easy to change. And when you see this new skin, it’s a shame you don’t buy it.

7. Hilda Elite Skin – Holy Guard

Hilda Holy Guardian Skin

As the tank with the most annoying passive ability, Hilda can be the right choice when favorite tanks like Akai and Johnson are banned. So don’t be surprised if Moonton is about to release Hilda’s newest skin given the huge number of players.

8. Special Valir Skin – Shikigami Summoner

Skin for Shikigami Summoner Valir

Despite being one of the new heroes this season, Valir immediately got a good opportunity to get a special skin from Moonton. But actually it’s only natural folks!

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Aside from many loyal players, this Valir ability is considered overpowering for a mage class. Although he was nerfed many times, every time he got stuck in the ultimate tank, he could die instantly.

9. Franco’s exclusive skin – Locomotive Season 9

Franco locomotive skin

Just yesterday we ended the discussion about the name Estes, which seemed to fill the exclusive Season 8 skin. It turns out that leaks of the exclusive season 9 skin have also spread in cyberspace. Yup! And what fills the exclusive skin of the 9th season is the Heldenpanzer with its magic hook Franco.

Personally, I don’t really agree with this decision considering that there are already 2 tank heroes who have received exclusive skin prizes for each season, like Minotour and Hilda. It would be nice if in season 9 this exclusive skin award was given to shooters or magicians (x Nana) who never got it.

The last word

So the article on the list of the latest exclusive skins on Mobile Legends. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to save up to buy the skin!

Last updated: July 01, 2021
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