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Title: Causes of Lost Mobile Legends Rank Mode
Link: Cause of the lost Mobile Legends rank mode

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Causes of Lost Mobile Legends Rank Mode

Causes of Lost Mobile Legends Rank Mode

The ranked mode or ranked mode in Mobile Legends game is the most popular mode of all Mobile Legends players in which the players can rank according to their skills. The ranking in the ranking mode is divided into 7 divisions, namely the lowest division is Warrior and so on. Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epic, Legend to Mythic represent the highest divisions. The ranking mode is also known as Star mode, in the player will get stars when they win a game and lose stars when they lose a game.

In this article we will discuss the cause of the lost or missing rank mode in Mobile Legends game, it could also suddenly disappear from the game menu because it was there before. This is likely known to all Mobile Legends players in general and were puzzled to find a solution by asking other Mobile Legends players the cause of the lack or loss of Ranked Mode, as follows.

  • Player who is not eligible to play in ranked mode

For all players new to the Mobile Legends game, they need to learn and ask themselves, “Why is there no ranked mode in the Mobile Legends game I play while my friend is there?” The answer is very simple, you are not allowed to play in this mode.

The conditions for playing in Rankad mode are as follows.

1. Player must reach level 8

The system does not display the ranking menu before level 8. However, once the player has reached level 8, the system will automatically display the ranked game menu. For those who are re-playing the Mobile Legends game, they will have to wait until they have reached level 8. You must have reached that level.

2. The player must have at least 5 heroes or more

After Ranked Mode appears, players are not allowed to play in Ranked Mode until they have at least 5 heroes. Two heroes, including Layla and Zilong, will be made available for free on the condition that they follow the tutorial from the game and the rest can buy with gold so that you can quickly play in ranked mode, friends can buy heroes at the cheapest gold prices.

3. Credit score or credit score must be over 90 points

Credit Score or Credit Score is a report of the score or points in the Mobile Legends game in relation to the player’s behavior, e.g. he is not allowed to play in ranked mode.

  • Mobile Legends game is still under maintenance

During maintenance, the game repairs the system, for example the Mobile Legends game has a reset season every 3 months. At the time of the reset season, there is maintenance for 1 day and usually results in the sudden loss of Friends ranked mode, don’t worry, this is normal and usually lasts for 1 day, so players can only play in modes other than ranked during maintenance, namely Classic, Brawl and so on.

Conclusion: The cause of losing ranked mode in Mobile Legends game is

  • The player has not reached level 8.
  • The Mobile Legends game is under maintenance.

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