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Title: Hero Mobile Legends Anti-Crowd Control
Link: Hero Mobile Legends Anti Crowd Control

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Hero Mobile Legends Anti-Crowd Control

capability Crowd control to become one of the most annoying things in MOBA like Mobile legends. Hit once Crowd control Enemy, you are guaranteed to go deaf if you don’t have a good reaction. This ability is also like a snowball, the effects of which are made worse if hit in the middle Team fight.

While it’s annoying, there is actually a way to avoid it Crowd control except to run away quickly. There are many heroes Mobile legends who have special skills Anti-crowd control. That said, the heroes are immune to the effects Crowd control Enemy of blessings Skills which is owned.

If you have reflexes and timed coordination Fine heroes Mobile legends This is guaranteed to make you even more GG because you can fall back after the enemy has been taken out Crowd control-his.

1. Martis

Until now, Martis is still registered as Meta Fighters, even if their prestige is rivaled by the presence of new fighters like Leomord or Aldous. The reason is simple, Martis is the complete package offense and defense hence its role in battle is so great. Apart from this, Skills 2 Martis is also the key to his GG. Outside damage and ability get pregnant, SkillsIt also has an immune effect against Crowd control.

This combination makes Martis as reliable as a Solo laner. Originally used with timed coordination With the right approach, Martis can escape the enemy’s pursuit.

2. Lancelot

Hero who is still very dangerous until now. Not because damagethe one who was hit nerf fairly severe than Moonton, but because of its immunity to abilities Crowd control Enemy. No kidding, this ability comes from two Skills-his.

Immune ability of Skills 2 and Lancelots Ulti are something very special. The reason for this is that Lancelot is also immune to Basic ATK while playing.throwSkills. So don’t be surprised if Lancelot is very difficult to catch as he is basically very agile and has an excess of immune skills.


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3. Kadita

The magician who is GG is the one who is agile and skillful. Kadita, the queen of the South Seas, is one of them. This hero, inspired by the mythical figure of Nyi Roro Kidul, is equipped with Skills 1, which allows him to “hit the waves” to escape or chase enemies. More accurate, Skills there is also effectimmune to Crowd control when Kadita hit the waves.

Kadita has just like Lancelot Skills others included Anti-crowd control. Invulnerability is achieved when Kadita merges with the ocean for a few seconds. Skills which is considered very dangerous because it can change the situation from urgency to the opposite.

4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is one of the most annoying heroes in Mobile legends. Like a ninja, he can move quickly with his shadow. Not only can he deceive his enemies quickly, but also his enemies by the shadows he spreads in the four cardinal directions.

Aside from his shadow skills, Hayabusa is so dangerous because Skills The ultimate that gives damage painful as well as immune effects against Crowd control as well as basic ATK. This ability can also be used in urgent situations, though Skills 2 medium cooling down.

5. Grock

Being on the front lines when starting a war is certainly not an easy task. It is illegal to die before you manage to paralyze the enemy, or at least become a shield for your teammates to launch attacks. The obstacles usually come from skills Crowd control Enemy. Because that is ability Anti-crowd control It is very important that you can do both.

As Tanker Always at the forefront, Grock is a suitable hero to open attacks without fear of suffocating first. He is immune to Crowd control moment to waterSkills 1 near the wall. This ability can also be the start of a counterattack when the enemy has exhausted their control ability. Because, Skills There are also damage This is pretty painful when you take it out at the right time.


Attention should be paid to the immune system against Crowd control What the heroes above have doesn’t necessarily guarantee your GG in battle. Again, everything is determined by your individual skills as a player. Without timed coordination and good reflexes, immunity will be in vain.

There are still some heroes Mobile legends others who are immune to Crowd control. Wait for the discussion in the second part, OK!

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