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Calamity Reaper, main item for mage assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Calamity Reaper, main item for mage assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Cecepkocep – One of the items in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game is the Calamity Reaper. This Calamity Reaper is a mage item widely used by magical heroes, especially mage assassins like Gusion, Karina, and Selena.

This Calamity Reaper is typically used by mage heroes who are very reliant on basic attacks compared to abilities. Don’t be surprised if a lot of Gusion, Karina, and Selena players use this item. Because this article fits perfectly with the three heroes.

In this article, Cecepkocep will take a closer look at the Calamity Reaper item. What is the basic status? Suitable for everyone? To find out the answer, let’s see the discussion below.

Base status

+70 magical power: The addition of this status is quite high for an item that costs gold in 1950. The divine glaive alone, which costs gold in 1970, only gives +65 magical power.

+100 mana: Not bad to accommodate more mana heroes.

+30 mana regeneration: The addition of this status is quite high so we don’t have to go back and forth to the base that is being regenerated for.

+ 10% cooldown reduction: This status is also required for hero mages, as it is highly dependent on skills compared to basic attacks.

Passive 1

The passive of the Calamity Reaper item is similar to the Endless Battle in the attack item, the first passive of the Calamity Reaper item is the basic attack hero, the real harm after using the skill. The real harm it causes is 120% of the total magical power. So the greater your magical power, the greater the real damage. The cooldown of this passive ability is 1.5 seconds.

Passive 2

The second passive of this Calamity Reaper item is rarely realized by most players. The passive voice is to be given + 10% movement speed. Every basic attack after using a skill increases the movement speed in addition to the real damage.

The given movement speed is of course very useful for escaping or chasing enemies. Especially in combination with hero skills like Skill 1 Karina and Skill 3 Selena.

Tips on Using Calamity Reaper

To maximize this Calamity Reaper item we can use a combination: Skill – Basic Attack – Skill – Basic Attack. This way, this item will be more effective when used by heroes with short cooldowns.

When was it bought?

In the past, Calamity Reaper items were often used in the early game (first slot). But at the moment it is usually bought in the mid to late game, or from the 4th slot onwards. Because most players only use this item to take the passive voice. True passive damage is even greater when your magical power is also great.

What if bought early in the game? It could be because the price is also quite cheap. The added magical power of this item is a reason to purchase it in the early game. Plus, it’s also very helpful for agriculture as it does real damage. But it all comes down to your particular gameplay. If you need stamina in the beginning, you better buy the Clock of Fate, if you are concerned with the cooldown it is better to buy the enchanted talisman.

For whom is it suitable?

All Assassins of the Mage Heroes (Gusion, Karina and Selena) are eligible for the use of this Calamity Reaper item. Real damage and extra movement speed are essential for an assassin. However, mages are also suitable for the use of this item. Especially magicians who used to often replace sniper positions like Kagura, Harley and Cyclops.

That’s the discussion this time about the Calamity Reaper Mobile Legends item. Hopefully useful and good luck. Thanks very much.

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