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3 Build Items Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the most powerful, Tanker is OK, Mage is OP too

3 Build Items Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the most powerful, Tanker is OK, Mage is OP too

Cecepkocep – Esmeralda is a tank mage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. His specialty is rain, so he has a very big rain. And that’s true because Esmeralda has a very good HP regeneration ability.

Esmeralda is a flexible hero because we can make her a mage, a tank, or even a fighter. If our team lacks tanks, we can make Esmeralda a tank hero; if we lack a mage hero, then we make a mage hero. Also Read: Build Granger Mobile Legends Items Hurt

However, I prefer Esmeralda to use magical items. Because the greater its magical power, the greater its shield. If you want to learn more about Esmeralda’s abilities, you can read it here.

In this article I will now cover the Esmeralda Mobile Legends Build item. I will give 3 versions, namely the hunter, magician and tank version. How are the articles? Let’s check out the review below.

1. Build Esmeralda Fighter Items

I don’t use fighter items, just a combination of magic and defense items. The following is an Esmeralda Fighter Build Item.

3 Build Items Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the most powerful, Tanker is OK, Mage is OP too

Arcane boots

Clock of fate

The second item after shoes is the clock of fate. At the start of the game, this item won’t really feel the effect. But after 5 minutes this article is ready, then combined with the Lightning Truncheo article the effect is really noticeable. The magical damage that you will really feel. In addition, the HP granted by this item is very large, so it increases the durability of Esmeralda. Also read:2 best and newest build items Faramis Mobile Legends – Mage OK, support also OP

Lightning stick

The second item is a lightning stick. This item can be combined very well with the previous item, namely Clock of Destiny. So the previous item gives a very large mana after 5 minutes. Then it gets even bigger with a lighting baton item. This large amount of mana will make your magic damage even greater. Because passive lightning items do magical damage based on how much you have. The greater the mana we have, the more passive damage will be dealt by this item.

Concentrated energy

The third item is concentrated energy that is used to regenerate HP. In fact, Esmeralda basically has a regeneration ability that comes from her abilities, but this item makes Esmeralda even stronger in team combat. In addition to his thick blood, his HP regeneration also increases.

Thunder belt

The next item is the thunder belt. This item gives +800 HP, making Esmeralda even thicker. Then there will also be 30 mana regeneration which really works for Esmeralda as I find it very wasted mana using it. So this article will solve something.

Then this thunder belt item also offers + 10% cooldown reduction that works for Spam skills, especially the Ultimate skill. Then the armor of this item really works to reduce the damage done to physical heroes. And the most important thing about this item is that Esmeralda’s basic attack does real damage after using the skill. It is very suitable when combined with Esmeralda’s abilities.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

The final item is the Apocalypse Queen’s Wings. This item gives +15 physical attack, it’s small, but we don’t need this status. Then there will also be 1000 hp, which makes Esmeralda even bigger. Then the additional + 10% cooldown reduction is also very helpful for spam skills.

In addition, the passive voice from the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen item will also really help in the Esmeralda-type team fight. Because this passive item reduces damage by 40% when our blood is less than 40%. However, this passive ability has a relatively long cooldown, so it must be used carefully.

2. Build the Esmeralda Full Magic item

I suggest using this item when your team is lacking magical damage. Because the damage to Esmeralda is very great. The following is the mage version of the Esmeralda build item.

3 Build Items Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the most powerful, Tanker is OK, Mage is OP too

Arcane boots

Of course, the first thing to buy is shoes. In addition to increasing movement speed, this item also offers magical penetration, which is used to penetrate the enemy’s magical resistance. Very helpful for fighting tank heroes from the beginning to the end of the game.

Clock of fate

As a second element, I use more of the Clock of Fate. So the effect of this article will really be felt after 5 minutes. However, it must be combined with the Lightning Baton item in order for Esmeralda’s damage to be even greater.

Lightning stick

I’ve already discussed this lightning stick item. It will be very effective when combined with the Clock of Fate item.

Concentrated energy

This item acts as a magical lifesteal so Esmeralda does not have to return to the base if she runs out of blood. We can meet minions or jungle monsters to replenish blood.

Fleeting time

This item is used to reduce the cooldown time. With this item we will spend the ultimate skill more often when we manage to kill or assist an enemy. In addition, this item also gives us 70 magical power, so the damage done by Esmeralda is even greater.

Divine glaive

In fact, this last point is conditional. If there are a lot of tank heroes on the opposing team who have high magical defense, I will use Divine Glaive. If our team has indeed dominated the game and the amount of gold is more than the enemy, then I’ll buy Blood Wings. Even I would buy immortality if I had to.

3. Build Esmeralda armor items

Actually, a tank doesn’t have to refer to a number of build items. Because you have to adapt to the playing conditions. But on this occasion I will give a recommendation to build an armored item for Esmeralda.

3 Build Items Esmeralda Mobile Legends is the most powerful, Tanker is OK, Mage is OP too

Wizard boots

The first item to buy is Wizzard Boots, which are used to earn gold when you successfully perform assists. But in the late game, this item will need to be replaced with a Warrior Boot item if the opposing team has a lot of physical heroes. Or replace it with Tough Boots when the opposing team has lots of crowd control heroes.

Clock of fate

The function of this item is to increase Esmeralda’s HP and deal magical damage.

Dominance ice

The third item can be bought from Dominance Ice. This item gives you +70 armor, + 10% reduction in critical chance and +500 mana. It is very suitable to use this item against physical heroes like shooters or fighters. The passive on this item is also good, which slows the enemy’s attack speed as we get closer to the target. also read: Build items, complete tutorials and play X.Borg Mobile Legends


The fourth element is Oracle. This item gives +850 HP, +36 magic dissolution and + 10% cooldown reduction. This item is very useful against magical heroes. In addition, the passivity of this item also increases Esmeralda’s shield and HP regeneration by 25%. If you still lack your magical resilience, you can use Athena’s shield.

Skyguard’s helmet

In addition to boosting HP, this item also offers more HP regeneration. It becomes even more effective when combined with Oracle items. That way, if you run out of blood, you don’t have to go back to base. Because without doing anything, your HP will still be filled.


The last point is immortality. Mandatory if, in my opinion, a tank buys this item. Because this item will make your hero have 2 lives. When our hero is dead, he can come back to life and has the opportunity to escape.

These are some build items for Cecepkocep’s version of Esmeralda. You can experiment the rest of this yourself on this article. Customize it for the conditions of the team and the enemy, and the most important thing is to customize it for your particular gameplay. Thanks very much.

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