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Build Yve A la RRQ Lemon 2021

Build Yve RRQ Lemon 2021 – If you want to try Build Yve a la RRQ Lemon now, you can see it in the following article.

Build Yve RRQ Lemon

Build Yve A la RRQ Lemon 2021

RRQ Lemon is supposed to be like the Mobile Legends alien because every time he casts a hero, the damage he does doesn’t work.

Knowing each hero’s build, emblem, and combo skill selection, fans called him Alien. Now a new hero has appeared, named Yve with a role mage,

For everyone who wants to try Gear Item Yve from RRQ Lemon. You can see it below.

Build Yve used by RRQ Lemon

The Yve build that RRQ Lemon uses is,

  1. Arcane boots
  2. Cape of Fate
  3. Glowing wand
  4. Necklace of the Durance
  5. Winter club
  6. Fleeting time

The above build is not fully used by RRQ Lemon, each build is used depending on the conditions of the battlefield itself. to The battle spell suitable for Yve is Flicker.

How do you build Yve from RRQ Lemon? When you feel like something is missing or not fitting. You can swap the item according to your own needs, this is just a guide to help you find the right item for Yve.

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