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Recommended Gloo Build Season 21 Mobile Legends 2021

Gloo is a unique hero with extraordinary abilities. This tank hero can do a lot of damage in the early to mid game.

Another unique ability of Gloo resides in his ultimate ability where he can cling to the opponent’s hero and deal damage to heroes who try to attack him.

Additionally, Gloo can also use his 1 & 2 skills to control the heroes he is tied to.

If you’re curious about this hero then you can immediately check out the most insane build recommendations below.

Build Gloo painfully and strongest

Recommended Gloo Build Season 20 Mobile Legends 2021

1. Warrior boots

Build Gloo hurts

For the first item you can use Warrior Boots / Taugh Boots, Gloo needs extra defense to bolster his defenses.

But if you don’t want to run out of mana using this hero. You can use demon shoes.

2. Magical Queen

Build Gloo hurts

The second item is Magic Queen, since Gloo can deal magic damage he must have this item.

Additionally, the benefit of this item can give enemies affected by Gloo’s abilities a slow effect. So it’s really worth it for early game stakes.

3. Cursed helmet

Build Gloo hurts

The third item is a cursed helmet that uses hand-to-hand combat skills. You can use this item.

Because this item can continuously inflict a certain amount of magical damage on the enemy hero and help to clear the lane very quickly.

4. Brute force breastplate

Build Gloo hurts

In the middle of the game, Gloo needs more defensive items, so you will need to purchase this brute force breastplate.

You can get 4 stacking defenses that can be stacked up to 5 times and can last up to 4 seconds.

and temporarily increase movement speed by 3% when using skills.

5. Oracle

Build Gloo hurts

You can take advantage of the ultimate skill passive with Oracle as this item can boost the HP regeneration effect and a range of magical defenses, making it really a good entry-level entry into the late game.

6. Immortality

Build Gloo hurts

The final item is immortality, entering the late game is hard to escape for Gloo if he manages to eliminate the enemy hero he’s possessed.

To do this, be sure to use this item so that your teammates can strike back when you’ve teamed up and almost eliminated.

So those were the recommendations for the most blatant and strongest Gloo build for Season 21 of Mobile Legends 2021.

How, are you interested in trying out the Gloo build above? Hope it’s useful.

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