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Build the Worst and Best Harley Items of 2021 Mobile Legends

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

Cecepkocep – Harley is a very agile magician in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. He has the ability with his second ability to enter or exit a team fight very easily. He also has very high burst damage with skill combinations 3 and 1. Although he is a mage, his basic attack is pretty big too.

Harley is a magician with assassin skills. Unlike hero mages in general, who have great explosion damage but not low mobility, for example Eudroa and Aurora. This Harley also has marksman skills because the basic attack he gives is also quite painful.

Well, in this article, Cecepkocep is going to give recommendations on building Harley Mobile Legends items that might suit you. How are the articles? Let’s check out the review below.

1 # Arcane boots

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

I prefer to use arcane botts for shoes. Because this item not only offers +40 movement speed, but also +15 magical penetration. That way, your damage will be felt even if the enemy has great magical defense. This item of footwear is perfect for fighting tank drivers or battle heroes from start to finish.

In addition to Arcane Boots, you can also use Quickboot items, which offer a very high movement speed of +80 movement speed. This will make it easier for you to move. You will also find it easier to perform skill combinations and hunt down enemies like snipers. You can read a discussion about footwear here.

2 # clock of fate

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

The effect of the “Clock of Fate” object is actually felt 5 minutes after this object is finished. This item offers a very large horsepower of 950 horsepower, which of course increases Harley’s stamina. The Magical Power conferred by this item is also very great, namely 110 Magical Power. In addition, the additional mana is also large, namely 900 mana.

Since it offers a very large increase in mana, this Clock of Fate item is very suitable when combined with items from the Lightning Baton. Because this item can do harm depending on how much we have. The more mana we have, the greater the magical damage we do.

3 # lightning stick

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

As I mentioned earlier, the Lightning Stick item can maximize the performance of the previous item, the Clock of Fate. This lightning stick gives us +75 magic power, it’s not big, but the passives will do a lot of damage. Then there is also +300 which makes this passive item even more effective. Lightning Truncheon also features a + 10% cooldown reduction so we can spend Harley skill combos often.

In the passive lightning stick, which carries out additional magical attacks on the next 3 enemy heroes every 6 seconds. The amount of passive damage depends on which one we have, but it is not known what the damage modifier percentage is. But what is clear is that the greater the mana we have, the greater the damage from this passive item.

4 # Concentrated energy

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

This concentrated energy item is used to increase the durability of Harley as it gives +700 HP. With this article, of course, Harley is going to have pretty thick blood. Then this item also gives +70 Magical Power, although it is not big, but helps.

Then passively from this concentrated energy item that gives + 25% magical lifesteal. This status will of course allow Harley to have a longer lifespan. This life robbery will of course be very useful for laning and warfare. Because your blood will be filled when you attack the target with a skill. So if your blood dies, you don’t have to go back to the bus, just meet a servant or jungle monster to regenerate HP (if possible).

Then another passive of Concentrated Energy that regenerates HP by 10% after successfully killing the enemy. This is very good, of course, considering that with a combination of skills, Harley can be a deadly enforcer. This HP regeneration will allow him to survive more in the game.

5 # necklace of the Durance

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

The main function of this “Necklace of Stamina” item is to lower the opponent’s HP regeneration. Because the passivity of this item reduces the target’s HP regeneration by 50% for 3 seconds. Of course, this is very important for fighting battle heroes and marksmen who have a very large life steal. This item will reduce your life steal by 50%. You will see a broken heart when this passive works on your goal.

The base status of this item is also very good, namely + 10% Magical Lifesteal. That way you will have + 35% Magical Lifesteal as the previous item, Concentrated Energy, gives + 25% Magical Lifesteal. This ability will of course make it easier for us to land or fight.

Then the Necklace of Stamina also offers + 10% cooldown reduction, which is very useful for spreading out the cooldown of Harley’s abilities. With a large cooldown reduction, we’ll be giving out Harley skill combos more often. This item also grants +65 magic power.

6 # Divine glaive

The most painful and newest Harley Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

This Divine Glaive offers very little magical power, which is only +65 magical power. But a lot of magical power is only expected when you consider that this item also has a very cheap price point which is only 1970 gold so it will be easier for you to purchase.

But this Divine Glaive is a very useful item in the late game as it offers tremendous magical penetration. In this way, the enemy’s magical defenses can be penetrated by this item. Of course, this is very good against heroes who have very large magical defenses like tank drivers and fighters.

This Divine Glaive has a passive + 40% magical penetration. This way we can penetrate the enemy’s magical defenses by 40%. For example, the enemy has 100 magical defenses so only 60 will work because we penetrated 40 with Divine Glaive items. This magical penetration will increase again by 30% to 70%, our HP are higher than 70%. That is of course very high. The magical defense of Athena’s shield alone only works for 16 points.


The above build is the default build item for me. The damage caused by the above build items is very large, especially if you already have an emblem with a level of up to 60. But this Harley has a flexible build item that you can customize to suit your conditions and gameplay. That way, you don’t have to stick to the build above, better to experiment yourself.

So this time, that’s the discussion about building items for Harley Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Have fun trying it out and good luck.

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