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Best and Painful Vexana Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends

Vexana Epic Skin - Sanguine Rose

Cecepkocep – Vexana is one of the magic heroes in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Vexana is a hero with great blast damage, pretty good crowd control, and can make puppets out of enemy heroes.

In this article, Cecepkocep will be discussing the hurtful build item from Vexana Mobile Legends. How is the build item? Let’s check out the review below.

Build items Vexana Mobile Legends Hurts

The Vexana building item that I designed in this article is more focused on damage in order to maximize any abilities it has. Then I also added a slow item that is used to maximize the first ability. This is what the Cecepkocep version of the Vexana build item looks like.

1 # demon shoes

Demon Shoes Mobile Legends Bang Bang

I think it is very mandatory for Vexana to use this one shoe. Demon Shoes will help him regenerate mana as he wastes a lot of mana to spend his abilities. He is also a magician who is very dependent on skills.

Demon shoes offer a basic mana regeneration status of 30 points. Meanwhile, there is an additional + 10% mana regeneration from the passive if you manage to kill or assist an enemy. If you take a final hit on a minion, you will only get 3% mana regeneration.

In the late game, you replace this shoe item with another shoe item. You can buy Arcane Boots so that your damage can hurt even more because there is additional magical penetration. When you need a great speed of movement, Rapid Boots is the solution.

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2 # clock of fate

Watch of Destiny Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The second item that you can use is the Clock of Fate. Most of my magicians prefer this item. In my opinion, this item needs to be purchased at the beginning so that the stack is full when the game is in the middle of the game. It will take us 5 minutes to reach the full stack after this item is ready.

Why Use the Clock of Fate?

Clock of Destiny offers additional HP and Mana that are higher than its base status, which is +615 HP and +600 Mana. In addition, there is also +60 Magic Power from its basic status. But the three statuses become even greater when combined with the passive voice.

We will have 915 HP and 900 mana after reaching 10 stack or full stack. In addition, our magical power also increases because when the stack is full it is increased by 5%. 5% for the late game is already big boys considering all the items are done. Also Read: The Painful and Newest Granger Mobile Legends Build Item 2021

3 # lightning stick

Lightning Bolt Mobile Legends Bang Bang

After Clock of Destiny, I usually go to Lightning Truncheon. In fact, the main function of this element is to maximize the previous element. But the basic status of this item is also good for magicians.

Why use lightning stick?

Lightning Truncheon offers quite a large magical power of 75 points from its basic status. Then the additional mana is also very large, namely 300 points. In this way, the total amount of mana is 1200 mana when we combine it with the “Clock of Fate” item. Big isn’t it?

An additional 10% cooldown reduction is also one of the selling points for lightning stick items. Since Vexana is a mage who relies heavily on skills, she needs a cooldown item in order for her to be able to spam skills.

The passive of the item Lightning Baton increases the magic damage of the enemy, up to 3 targets. The amount of this damage depends on the amount we have. The greater the mana, the greater the damage done. The combination of Lightning Trunchon and Clock Destiny Items will produce 1200 mana, of course the damage from the passive Lightning Trunchon will be even greater.

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4 # necklace of the Durance

Necklace from Durance Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This “Necklace of Endurance” item has the primary function of fighting heroes who have a large HP regeneration, including Lifesteal. This item is perfect for battling heroes with a large HP regeneration like Esmeralda, Uranus, Alucard, and Alice.

Why wear the Durance necklace?

From its base status, Necklace of Stamina offers 65 magical power, 10% cooldown reduction that works for spam skills. Then this item also gives 10% Magical Lifesteal which helps us survive longer when laning or team fighting. Because our blood regenerates when our abilities hit the target by 10%.

In fact, the passive voice is the main selling point of the Durance necklace. Because this passive reduces the target’s HP regeneration by 50% when our abilities hit them. The duration is 3 seconds. In this way, this item is very powerful against heroes like Alucard and Uranus and the Minotaur. Also Read: Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Item is Worst and Hardest of 2021

5 # Divine glaive

Divine Glaive Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This Divine Glaive item will be really very useful in the late game for battling tank heroes. This item is used to penetrate the enemy’s very great magical defenses.

Why Use Divine Glaive?

From its basic status, this Divine Glaive Item gives only 65 magical power. While it is very small, it is reasonable considering the price of this item is also relatively cheap (1970s gold). But the main selling point of this item is its passivity.

This item’s passive is + 40% Magical Penetration. This value will be greater to reach 70% when our blood is more than 70%. This value is of course enormous. The enemy’s magical defense is only 30%. For example, if the enemy has 30 magical defenses, then only 30 magical defenses will work. This is of course very useful in late games.

6 # Frozen wand (optional)

The last point is optional, depending on your team’s situation. If your team is indeed dominating the game, you can use Blood Wings to make the magic damage you deal even greater (+150 magic damage). In addition, your HP increases again (+500 HP).

However, if you need an extra slow effect, the Ice Queen Wand is a great alternative. Because this item has an additional Slo-Effect of up to 30% that can be combined with Vexana’s first skill. In addition to this, this item also increases your mana and magical lifesteal. In addition, this item also offers 7% movement speed, so Vexana runs a little faster.

Unless our team’s position is dominant or balanced, I recommend using the immortality item. This item makes Vexana like it has 2 lives. Because after death we can come back to life with blood and a small shield. This gives us the opportunity to flee, even if the chances are slim. Also Read: Build Items Aldous Mobile Legends The Sickest Petitions For Forgiveness and The Latest 2021


Build Items Vexana Mobile Legends The Most Painful and Latest 2021

That is the Vexana build element that I recommend. Use build item number 1 when you need a little defense. If you need an extra slow effect use build number 3. If the team dominates, use build number 2. It’s all about adapting to the conditions of the game.

You don’t get stuck on the above build items, it is better for you to experiment and adapt to your play style by yourself. I myself compiled this build based on my experiments and seen builds by professional gamers. Hopefully helpful and thank you.