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Build Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang The Sickest and Strongest 2021

Android31 – Mathilda is the newest hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, released yesterday on December 12th, 2021. You can claim this hero for free in the Blazing West event.

This hero is the first hero who has 2 role models at the same time, namely support and assassin. This hero is capable of becoming a very good and good support hero because he has a very high support limit. Mathilda can also give her teammates the ability to “fly”.

Skills and Effects Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Circling eagle skills

This skill can cause Mathilda to give a soul sign to the enemy hero she is targeting and then circling the target for 2 seconds.

Immune effect

This effect is capable of granting immunity to crowd control and shields while the abilities are being rotated.

Emblem Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang

When choosing the emblem, you can choose the Support Emblem Set with the third Talent Focusing Mark, which can cause additional damage.

Spell Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang

A suitable spell for Mathilda is Aegis, because this spell can provide a shield and execute as an assassin support.

For more information on how to fully build Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the Sickest and Strongest 2021, please refer to the method below.

Build items Mathilda Mobile Legends Bang Bang

1. Demon shoes

The Demon Shoes item is a mandatory item to purchase the first time as this item can provide +40 Movement Speed ​​and +30 Mana Regeneration.

By adding mana, Mathilda doesn’t run out of mana when spamming skills.

2. Glowing wand

For the second item you can choose Glowing Wand, with this item you also get +75 magic power, +400 HP and 5% movement speed.

Glowing Wand also features a unique passive ability where Skill Damage burns enemies for 3 seconds and 1% of maximum HP as magic damage per second.

3. Genius wand

This third item is still classified as a magical item, with this item being able to offer + 75% magical power and + 5% movement speed stats and unique passive +15 magical PEN.

Also, a passive effect appears when Mathilda deals damage that can reduce the opponent’s magic defense by 3-10, which lasts 2 seconds.

4. Frozen wand

With this item you get +75 magic power, 10% magic vampire, +150 mana and 7% movement speed.

The passive technique “Ice Bound”, which is able to reduce the opponent’s movement speed by 15%. This effect is active when the skill attack hits the target, Ice Bound lasts 3 seconds and can be used 2 times at the same time.

5. Holy crystal

Holy Crystal is suitable for use in late games considering that this item can offer +90 magical power and unique passive attributes + 25% magical power.

In addition to this, you also get Exterminate, this ability adds 15% magical power when the skill attack hits the target. This ability lasts 3 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown.

6. Blood wings

The last item is Blood Wings, this item offers an additional +150 magical power and +500 HP.

In addition to this, this item can also increase 1.5 HP for every increase in magic power, as this item is actually suitable for heroes with magic-type abilities.

This item build for Mathilda focuses on magical items where he aims to harness the hero’s abilities as a magic-type support assassin.

If you have any other build for this hero please post in the comments column.

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