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Skin Benedetta Mobile Legends Starlight Edition 2021

Android31 – Earlier this year, Moonton will surprise Mobile Legends players by releasing a new skin for Hero Benedetta, this skin is included in the Starlight Edition category.

You get this skin with 550 diamonds for the regular version and 1,100 diamonds for Starlight Plus members.

As we know, Starlight Plus members get more bonuses than the regular version.

Information about Skin Benedetta Starlight Edition 2021

As we know, Benedetta is an assassin type heroine who has very immune skin. Here are the skill details when Benedetta is using the latest Starlight Edition skin.

Passive Skill – Elapsed Time of Day

When you press the basic attack button, Benedetta goes into the swordout state and continues to collect sword intent. Then when the Sword Intent is full and you release the Basic Attack button, Benedetta Swordout can use Slash in the direction you specified and charge forward. This deals physical damage to enemies in Benedetta’s attack path.

You can also get sword intent by dealing damage using the basic attack and skill buttons.

For the skills themselves, we discuss below:

Skill 1 – Shadow Cut

This ability made Benedetta withdraw at full speed, leaving her shadow in front of her. And moments later, Benedetta’s shadow struck forward in a fan-shaped area. This skill deals significant physical damage to the enemy.

Skill 2 – An Eye for an Eye

Benedetta raises her weapon in a defensive stance and gains immunity to crowd control and can block damage from each attack once.

After the defense is complete, Benedetta thrusts her weapon in the direction indicated, dealing physical damage and slowing the target’s pace.

If Benedetta can withstand the effects of crowd control for the duration of the defense, Benedetta can stun the enemy.

Skill 3 (Ultimate) – Alecto, Final Strike

Benedetta grabbed Alecto and, after a short pause, dashed forward, slowing the opponent by 70% for 0.8 seconds.

After charging forward, Benedetta threw Sword Intent on the street. This gives Sowrd Intent for 2.5 seconds and Physical Damage and Slows by 20% every 0.2 seconds.

The last word

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