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Title: Build Item Alpha Hero Fighter Mobile Legends
Link: Build Item Alpha Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

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Build Item Alpha Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

Build Item Alpha Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

Alpha has a fighter role with a charge / damage specialty and a fairly high level of difficulty. Alpha is a hero who is often chosen at this point because of his disease damage and high life robbery.

But alpha heroes have weaknesses against enemy heroes with CC (crowd control) and long-range heroes like Chou, Akai, Harley, Cyclops, etc. Alpha wins against a hero who is having a hard time escaping.

This is Build Hero Alpha

1. Warrior boots

Warrior boots are useful for alpha roaming to help teams that are in War Gank from enemies, and the additional 22 armor will make Alpha thicker in the early game.

Before buying warrior boots, it is recommended to buy jungle items so that your farming will be faster.

2. Bloodlust ax

This item is very influential on Alpha because of the additional 40 Physical Attack and 10% reduction in cooldown.

3. Endless battle

This item gives Alpha a lot of benefits as it does an additional 60 physical attacks, 25 mana rage, 250 HP, 10% cooldown reduction, 5% movement speed, and 15% life steal, which make Alpha stronger.

4. Wings of the Apocalypse Quen

This item makes Alpha’s blood thicker and stronger due to the additional 1000 HP, 15 physical attacks, and 10% cooldown reduction. This item also reduces the enemy’s attack by 50% and increases Lifesteal by 30% when Alpha’s Blood is below 40%.

5. Rose gold meteor

This item makes Alpha’s skill sick as it grants 60 physical attack and increases Alpha’s defense against magic damage with an additional 30 magic resistance.

This item also features a shield that can take 510-1350 damage if Alpha’s Blood is below 30%.

6. Despair Blade
This last item makes Alpha a killer machine due to the added Physica attack which is quite a bit so the Alpha skills get harder to fight the enemy, especially when Alpha is facing an enemy whose blood is less than 50% passive that one Item came out, namely additional Physical Damage Hero.

While your battle spell can use retaliation to speed up Alpha while farming so that its level doesn’t lag behind enemy heroes.
Since alpha heroes are very important to kill enemy heroes like enemy snipers / mages / assassins who have high damage level during combat.

Hopefully the build will be useful to you Alpha users ….

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