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In this hero tutorial we will learn tips and how to use one of the most feared hybrid tank heroes / fighters, Balmond. This hero is also one of my favorite tank heroes, even if we build as tank drivers, but Balmond can still do painful damage like a warrior because and this hero is great for every season from season to season, in season 7 Balmond is also very often chosen for his skills.


Balmond is a stable and neutral hero (rare in Nerf / Buff) as he is also very flexible in playing and building items that can be adapted to the player’s wishes / playstyles alone, some build him like a full tank, some use him like a hunter, some are mixed with semi-tank destroyers. According to Balmond’s best staff, it is best to build it as a tank as it can still do a lot of damage from ult skills (real damage), besides, the defense / defense of this hero is very thick so it is a shame if we build him as a fighter.
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Benefits of balm:

Thanks to his passive ability, Balmond gains 4% maximum HP when killing minions and 10% maximum HP when killing a hero. That way, this hero doesn’t have to go back and forth to replenish blood, especially if he’s not using a system, which allows him to quickly farm and push towers without wasting time filling up your phone / base.

High Damage Ultification Skills can be said to be one of the best tanker / combatant skills in Mobile Legends. These 3 skills deal 20% physical damage and real damage from HP-lost enemies Blood Heroes for only 25-30% of the strength of any item’s building defense.

Minion’s ability to evacuate quickly, skill 2 deals damage to areas that allow him to eliminate minions all at once, especially he also gets extra blood thanks to his passive ability. This hero is very good at clearing paths and sweeping waves of existing minions.

The best hero to kill the master / turtle, the ultimate balmond skill is most often used to safely kill the master / turtle because once the master / turtle’s blood is down to 20% he can kill him immediately, safely and without fear of being stolen by the opposing team, as this is often used by Balmond in ranked mode due to his ability to secure both kings and turtles, nothing can (yet) keep up to this day.

Very high defense, in addition to high regeneration, Balmond also has thick defense, which makes him the ideal tank destroyer hero in the game.

Ideal in all phases and easy to use, Balmond is a very stable hero and ideal in all phases, especially this hero is very easy to play mode.

Weaknesses of Balmonds:

Without CC, a tank driver feels incomplete if you don’t have the crowd control skills to support the team during a 5 vs. 5 war. So try to use this hero on the team, there are other CC heroes like Saber or Aurora.

Lack of mobility as his innocent nature only goes back and forth when attacking and defending, so this hero is very easy to count and overcome, quite easy to escape / avoid Balmond in battle, and this hero is very also easily restricted by blocking directional skill 1 so that he cannot escape.

Tips for building Hero Balmoon items


More or less Balmond build items are almost the same as Chou build items.

The first build item is a semi-hunter hybrid tank build, with this build Balmond gets great healing from both passive abilities and the effect of the Bloodlust Ax item, besides, he can also do great damage as he 1 Attack object has (Bloodlust ax), damage 1.5% of maximum HP (Cursed Helmet) and reflects damage equal to 25% of the enemy’s basic attack (blade armor).

Balmond’s item builds are actually pretty flexible, so experiment with different builds so you can maximize this hero’s potential depending on your style and play style. Personally, I use the building objects in the second and third rows more often.

The second line item build is usually used when the opposing team is facing 2-3 Magic Damagers, while the third line build is used when there is only 1 mage.

The most suitable combat spells for Balmond are Petrify and Flicker.

Useful combat spell Petrify to anticipate Balmond’s biggest flaw (not having CC skills), with this spell Balmond’s role as a good tank driver is complete.

Use Flicker when you want to be on the safe side (Escape / Escape), and Flicker is also useful for chasing enemies who are trying to escape. Remember that two of Balmond’s shortcomings besides CC are the lack of mobility, as this spell will obviously be very helpful in the game, besides, Flicker can also be combined with ultra-thin skills so that the opponent is surprised and does not have time to react, to dodge it.
For emblems we can use physical or armor emblems.

Balmond is great against the following heroes:
  • All hero tanks
  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Helkurt

Balmond is pretty weak against the following heroes:

  • Fanny
  • Chou
  • Kagur
  • Harley
  • Odette
  • Karrie
  • Irithelium

The ultimate combination – Flicker:

We can combine ultimate skills with flicker, so use ultimate skills and quickly, before the ax hits the ground, we have to use flicker and aim where you want. Like the Ruby Ulti Flickter combo, this trick needs to be done quickly, so our hands need to be ready and quickly put the Ulti and Flicker skills in place. Try to practice this technique in a special mode first, after a while you will get used to it if you practice frequently.

Tips & tricks for hero leader Balmond:

We recommend that you build this hero as a full-fledged tank driver, as it will greatly maximize its potential in the game.

When chasing an enemy who is trying to escape, try to hit (hit) your opponent with Skill 1 so that it hinders the movement of the enemy (there is a pause effect and it slows down) and vice versa when trying to run away , then aim Skill 1 to avoid being hit by the enemy so the movement doesn’t stop or if you run away from 1 on 1 you can accidentally hit Skill 1 first to slow down and escape (although it is better to easy to run).

For Balmond heroes it is better to turn the “Hero-Lock Mode” off, so the heroes lock in order not to disturb during the game because of all melee attacks, so it is better to only play with the automatic lock, but also if you still want to use Hero lock is ok.

As a tanker with no CC skills, try to keep busy with the team, don’t go ahead alone as enemies can easily ignore you and attack friends from behind.

When you attack the master / the turtle, always save the ultimate skill to secure the kill, for this skill the master / the turtle must belong to your team 100%.

Do not use Ulti on an enemy whose blood is still full, a rookie mistake I often see when attacking with Ultimate when the enemy’s blood is still over 50-100%, although the real damage is only great when the enemy’s blood is high low you need to save the Ulti Skill to use it on opponents whose HP is below 40%.

Watch diligently professional videos from Balmond users on YouTube or stream the top players live.

I hope this tutorial is useful. Players live long!

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