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Build Helcurt RRQ Albert The Sickest

Build Helcurt RRQ Albert The Sickest in Mobile Legends.

Helcurt is an overwhelmed hero in season 18, he’s also one of the heroes often used as a core hero by pro players.

One of the pro players who used Helcurt very well was Albert. Yes, RRQ Albert makes very good use of all assassin heroes.

Well, at this point I’ll be giving Build Helcurt from the sick RRQ Albert.

As of now this is Build Helcurt RRQ Albert.

1. Raptor machete

The first item Helcurt must have is the Raptor Mechete.

This item is very important as killing the jungle gives you + 25% extra experience and increases jungle damage by + 50%. The Raptor Mechete also adds +30 additional physical attack and + 15% physical pen.

2. Fast boots

Fast boots, adds + 15% attack speed. This is of course very useful for Helcurt himself, since he needs to be passive from Skill 2 to cause great damage.

3. Blade of Despair

Desperate Blade is the item with the highest physical damage. By using BOD, the skill Helcurt produced can add 2 +160 additional physical attacks for every 1 Helcurt sword.

This item also has a very useful passive, that is, if the blood is less than 50% of the physical damage done, it will increase by + 25% for 2 seconds.

4. Wind speaker

Windtalker, is an item suitable for use in helcurt build items. This item adds + 40% attack speed, +20 movement speed and + 10% critical chance.

The main function of Windtalker is the passive Typhoon, which deals 150-362 magic damage and when this passive ability is active Helcurt gains 5% movement speed.

5. Endless battles

The next item is that of Endless Battle. This item can add a lot of bonus equipment, namely +65 additional physical ATK, +25 mana regeneration, +250 hp, + 10% cooldown reduction, + 5% movement speed and + 10% physical lifesteal.

The passive on this item is Divine Justice, which deals + 60% real damage when the skill is used. When passive divine justice is active, passive persecution fate increases + 10% movement.

6. Queen’s wings

The final item is the queen’s wings. The benefit of using this item on Helcurt is that it adds +15 Physical Attack Eskra, +1000 HP, + 10% cooldown reduction.

However, the real benefit of this item lies in its passivity, which reduces 40% of damage taken and adds + 40% physical lifesteal when the blood is less than 40%.

The above build of Helcurt RRQ Albert is the most painful build item of Helcurt Mobile Legends this meta-season 18. The above build is a suitable build for Helcurt to choose as a Hypercore / Midlaner.

Well, you can apply the build to the game you’re playing using Helcurt. Hope it’s useful.

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