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Build Alucard Revamp hurts, damage does not work

Build Alucard Revamp hurts | You, if you use Alucard, will be classified. Are you going to get insults from your teammates. Or the other way around?

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Anyone who uses Alucard will certainly be underestimated, because this hero is very weak in the early game. Nevertheless, Alucard is a hero with a big life deal when he enters the mid to late game.

Now Alucard gets stronger during the early game. So, of course, in order to take great damage to defeat the enemy, build is required.

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Build your own Alucard Revamp. I’ve provided several builds which you can see below.

Build Alucard Revamp hurts

I adjusted the above build to match the selected lane. For the worst build, choose Lane with extra gold so Alucard can buy the first item, BOD.

Emblem Alucard revision

The above emblem works very well for Alucard as Alucard is a fighter type hero and therefore only needs additional movement.

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So this is the Painful Alucard Revamp Build for you to try. You can find out more Mobile Legends Hero Builds in this article.

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