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Build Gusion Hurt Season 21 Mobile Legends

Cocopins – Build Gusion Tersakit Season 21 Mobile Legends. Who doesn’t know Gusion? An assassin with very high mobility and burst damage skills.

Before Meta Hyper attacks, this hero is often used as a midlaner. Gusion can also be called the best midlaner because of his skills.

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Well, go ahead, this is Build Gusion which is very suitable for use in the current meta. Let’s look at the following reviews.

Build Gusion Hurt Season 21

In this Meta Hyper Carry, Gusion is often used as a Sidelaner / Offlaner. Because Midlaner now needs to be a hero who has a high base attack and also a blink skill that makes it easy to move.

It is rarely used as a hyper carry. Even so, the skill he has isn’t an obstacle to getting a lot of kills.

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Far down is the best build for Gusion in Meta Now.

Build Item Gusion Meta Hyper Carry

1. Star splinters

Mobile Legends Items Jungle Star Shard

Jungle items are very important to speed up farming and gain additional experience.

This item is also very suitable as it does quite a lot of damage and life stealing.

2. Magic shoes

Mobile Legends Items Magical Shoes

This one shoe is very useful for reducing cooldown abilities. Because timing means a lot in ML

3. Calamity Reaper

Mobile Legends Items Calamity Reapers

The first magical item Gusion must use is the Calamity Reaper.

Why ? Because 3 seconds after using the skill, he will take quite a lot of additional damage and also gain 10% movement speed.

4. Necklace of the Durance

Mobile Legends Items Magical necklace of the Durance

As an offlaner, the opponent you are facing must have had a major physical or magical lifesteal.

Well, this article is suitable as an Anti Lifesteal.

5. Holy crystal

Mobile Legends Items Magical Holy Crystal

The final magical damage is Holy Crystal.

This item is very useful for taking extra damage while using Combo Gusion.

6. Immortality

Mobile Legends Items Immortality

This last item is very useful when you enter the late game.

This is how you get a chance to live again if you die at the hands of the enemy.

That is the Gusion Build suitable for use in this Meta Hyper. Personally, it has been very helpful to me using this build. Hope you get Savage using this build.

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