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Hurry up! Hero Meta Season 20 Mobile Legends

Season 19 has ended, tier rank has been reset. New meta appeared or are you still using yesterday’s meta season? Of the many heroes, only a few are included in Meta Season 20. What are the heroes?

Hero Meta Season 20 Mobile Legends

Hurry up!  Hero Meta Season 20 Mobile Legends

There are so many heroes who have changed or upgraded their skills, thereby leveling up the hero, from those who are seldom used to become heroes of the quarrel.

Heroes who become overpowers entering the meta-season are heroes who can easily enter and exit the war, or heroes who have CC skills and great damage. Here are the heroes.

Hero fighter who entered meta season 20


Paquito is one of the heroes who is still OP until this season 20, his CC skill makes this hero a ban subscription. When this hero is released, don’t hesitate to use it because if this hero is on your team it is certain that you can easily win the game.


As a hero fighter, Silvanna can be used as a tank, her CC ability makes her even crazier on the battlefield. But it’s very hard to get this hero because Silvanna is one of Ban’s subscription heroes.

Jaw head

Because of his injector ability, Jawhead is quite feared in Lane of Dawn, although this hero is rarely banned.

Hero Marksman who entered Meta Season 20


This just-released hero has become one of the Season 20 OP heroes. How not, any skill can turn the enemy upside down. In addition, this hero is one of the best pusher heroes in season 20. With a shotgun, Beatrix can destroy the tower with just 8-12 shots in the first 3 minutes.


Had dinner on Beatrix ‘Patch yesterday, Brody didn’t continue apart from Ban’s subscription, he remains one of the heroes who are still meta for the shooting role in seasons 19 and 20.


Claude is still a major hero for Midlaner, a hero who is rarely banned in this ranked mode, although Claude is quite weak in the early game, but in the late game Claude can be very fierce.

Hero Assassin who entered Meta Season 20


Harley became one of the most annoying heroes how could I not after Combo Harley immediately left you alone like he was going ghostly. For your solo rank fighters, you must use this hero.

Hero Mage entered meta season 20


Cyclops is one of the mage heroes who entered meta-season 20. He can deal massive damage when dealing with 1v1. Cyclops is also one of the heroes that you can play solo leaderboards with.


Eudora is one of the hero mages in the Mobile Legends game who uses the power of lightning to instantly eliminate his enemies. Eudora is a scary hero because of his CC skills and great damage. The damage from Eudora’s skill also increases with the items he has.

There are many heroes that are still meta in season 20 that are not mentioned. Heroes who were meta in Season 19 are still OP in Season 20.

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