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Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Kimmy is Moonton’s newest Hero released to prepare Hellowen Hero. Kimmy is a Marksman Magicial-type hero, Kimmy can repeatedly attack opponents with sick and fatal damage.

Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Kimmy Mobile Legends

Kimmy’s hero can be bought in the shop with 419 and 32000 diamonds with battle points. This hero is a Marskman hero who can be called a rival to Layla’s hero. Kimmy has very high Attack and Skill Efficiency. especially when combined with magic items and sword items, it’s definitely very deadly, isn’t it.

Story of hero Kimmy Mobile Legends

Kimmy grew up in a military family, Kimmy was encouraged by his father, a famous general of the Moniyan Empire, to be a direct, disciplined and obedient person. How he dresses and how he speaks, Kimmy has had a very great talent since childhood in the field of research and innovation. Kimmy is always passionate about analyzing and tinkering with chemical energy.

However, Kimmy’s father has a different view of the spirit Kimmy has. Her father wants Kimmy to have nothing to do with war or military affairs and wants Kimmy to live like an ordinary person, but like other teenagers, Kimmy rebels against her father. According to Kimmy, in addition to the mechanical technology of Eruditio and the mysterious magical power of the Magic Academy, a combination of biotic and chemical energy could be the solution to various problems in the Land of Dawn, often Kimmy’s interest makes the relationship between Kimmy and her father even further distant .

Although Kimmy and her father always fight, Kimmy achieved some great things, she created a coalescer.

After reading Land of the Dawn or The story of hero Kimmy Mobile Legends now my friend needs to know Kimmy’s hero skills :

  • Chemist’s Instinct (Passive)
    As a hero very obsessed with his chemical creations, Kimmy can spray chemical balls in different directions from his direction of movement, but with somewhat poor accuracy, of course.
  • Energy conversion (active 1)
    Kimmy will mix the elements in her weapon, then shoot her chemical bullets and deal 15 points (+ 60% total physical ATK) (+ 60% total magical power) magic damage when she hits the target.
    If they don’t hit the target, the bullets explode and hit nearby heroes, dealing magical damage of the same magnitude.
  • Chemical processing (active 2)Kimmy will create a new mix that will amplify her chemical attack, this mix dealing 14 points magical damage (+ 50% total physical ATK) (+ 50% total magical power) and a 20% slow effect.
    And when the enemy is hit by the slow action of these new mixed bullets 5 times, the enemy will not be able to move for 1.2 seconds.
  • Maximum charge (ultimate)
    Kimmy performs a glowing chemical attack in a specific direction that deals 238 points of magical damage (+ 180% total physical ATK) (+ 210% total magical power) when hitting the enemy and 198 points (+ 150% total physical ATK.)) (+170% total magical power) for nearby enemies.

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  • Arcane boots
    Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Concentrated energy
    Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blade of Despair
    Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Holy crystal
    Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blood wing
    Build equipment Kimmy Mobile Legends Top Global

Build is up Build killer hero Kimmy Mobile legends before Combat spells Which hero to use Kimmy:

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