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Build equipment Alucard Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Alucard Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Alucard is a hero often used by mobile legend players as this hero is too easy to use and looks very cool when using a big sword to fight enemies, Alucard is also very pretty and his looks are very attractive.

Build equipment Alucard Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Alucard Mobile Legends

You can buy Alucard heroes in the shop with Battle Points of 15000 and 399 with tickets. Alucard’s hero has a role as a fighter / assassin has a special ability, namely a very high life steal to make a hero it’s hard to die . besides being a very high lifesteal hero, alucard has considerable damage that can be used to kill enemies quickly, his skills are also easy to chase enemies while running away, so this hero is named deadly mobile legend heroes.

Alucard Mobile Legends hero story

Alucard was born in the capital of the empire. His parents were mentors for Tigeral’s Order of Knights, and in one of the Order’s trial missions, Tigeral’s self-confidence led Alucard’s parents to sacrifice their lives to save him from the demons. Alucard cannot accept this harsh reality and goes in search of his master in the territory of the demons. On the battlefield, however, he could only find the family crest on his parents’ chest, then he was suddenly attacked by a demon fig that captured and tortured him for months, finally he was released by a demon hunter, whereupon he took refuge as a resident of the Temple of Light .

Alucard’s youth were full of tragedy. During his reluctance, his spirit was consumed with his desire to survive and from time to time to survive, and the anger that was in his heart was buried, although humiliated many times by his demonic kidnappers, he never gave up and would his desire for vengeance, that desire that gave him the strength to be held captive for months, Alucard was drawn to the skills of the demon hunter who had saved him and did not want to return to the Order of Imperial Knights, which only did him saddened, he went with the demon hunter to the temple of light. alucard trained there for several years as he was an excellent demon hunter, he spent his days researching how to better hunt and kill Ublis, kept his hatred of demons in his heart, followed the three principles of the demon hunter: freedom from all organizations and territories: no mercy even for a single demon: no final mission. The most mysterious thing about him is the Demonic Claw in his right hand: Nobody knows what or how the Demonic Claw got there.

After reading Land of the Dawn or Story of Hero Alucard Mobile Legends now you have to know Skills owned by heroes Aluminum card:

  • Persecution (passive)
    help you chase the enemy and attack him. This skill becomes active after you use one of the active skills in which Alucard attacks or teleports to the enemy.
  • Mass Shard (Active 1)
    makes Alucard jump forward, dealing physical damage of 240 (+ 160% of additional physical ATK), which increases with each level and slowing effect when it hits the enemy.
  • Whirling Strike (Active 2)
    Source of damage for Alucard. This skill has a fairly short cooldown (around 5 seconds) and can deal 230 physical damage (+ 140% additional physical ATK), increasing with each level.
  • Gap wave (ultimate)
    If Alucard immediately has a life steal of 20%, that helps him to lock the opponent. In addition, Alucard has a 100% life-stealing ability for 8 seconds.

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  • Warrior boots
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  • Haas’ claws
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  • Berserker’s rage
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  • Endless struggle
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  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
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  • Blade of Despair
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The build above is Build killer Alucard Mobile legends before Combat spells what to use Alucard heroes :

Set of alucard hero emblems:

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