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Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global

Esmeralda The newest hero released by Moonton, this hero is the first hero to have a tank / mage role. Esmeralda is so unique because the damage Esmeralda does can penetrate the shield, so buy items Athena’s shield, Rose Gold Meteor, or even the Aegis battle spell were all but useless esmeralda.

Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Hero Esmeralda, which you can get in the shop for the price of 32000 with battle points or 599 diamonds, this hero also has the weakness of the old ultimate counter-ability. but the damage Esmeralda does not do is very painful.

Story of hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Always observing space, astrologers have magical skills that can explain and predict anything in the world, both in terms of the process and the outcome. To become an astrologer, candidates must pass a rigorous test that tests their will and astrological skills. After several generations, the elders finally chose Esmeralda, a young woman who lives in the western desert, as the new successor in the Land of Dawn.

After Esmeralda succeeds the astrologers, she has the task of being the Star Moon Box that has been passed down from generation to generation in the hopes of opening it and gaining the mysterious power of ancient times, the Star Moon Box. But unfortunately, on his way to the Minos Labyrinth, the ground suddenly shook and the desert was torn to pieces by a black sandstorm that suddenly came , the Star Moon box opened and a stream of mysterious power filled Esmeralda, under the protection of the mysterious power Esmeralda would be intact and feel old memories flash through her head. Esmeralda felt the Starmoon Box call to her, reminding her that Khufra, an unscrupulous tyrant from the Western Desert of yore, had risen again. Following the instructions in the Star Moon Box, Esmeralda changes her way into the deep desert, where an ancient city stands. Filled with With great power, impressed by the power of the star moon box that only existed in previous fairy tales, Esmeralda saw the memories of the first generation of astrologers as Esmeralda approached the ancient city. Esmeralda vaguely senses an unknown love story between Khufra and an astrologer. Knowing the end of their love story, Esmeralda feels a little sad and pity for them, but it is Esmeralda’s mission to reseal Khufra and restore peace in the Western Desert.

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of the Top Global Esmeralda Hero Mobile Legends, now you need to know the Esmeralda hero’s abilities:

  • Star Moon Box (Passive): Esmeralda manipulates 2 energies, namely stardust and frost moon. Where every basic attack (normal attack) and every ability issued by Esmeralda deals twice the existing damage. Stardust deals physical damage and Frostmoon deals magical damage, while dealing a 150% shield damage from Frostmoon. Damage from Esmeralda penetrates all shield effects, turning the shield she receives into HP.
  • Frostmoon Shield(Active1): Esmeralda creates a shield for herself and increases her movement speed by 20% while taking shields from nearby enemies and stealing them into her own shield.
  • Starsut dance (Active2) : Esmeralda shakes stardust and frost moon around Esmeralda, dealing 2 physical and magical damage to the enemy. If Skill 2 manages to damage the enemy, Esmeralda’s 1st Skill’s cooldown is reduced.
  • Falling star moon(Ultimate): Esmeralda combines the 2 astronaut powers of Stardust and Frostmoon. The longer the fusion lasts, the greater the force generated and the further the range can be taken. After that, Esmeralda can use the skill again to go to the specified area and deal physical and magical damage.

After relaunching hero Esmeralda skills in this article, Build Gear Items are Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global, Esmeralda Top Global, Esmeralda Top Player, Esmeralda Top Local, Item Esmeralda, Build Esmeralda Savage, Item Esmeralda ml, Item Esmeralda Damage big, Esmeralda Sick, Esmeralda Strongest, Esmeralda Item, Newest Esmeralda Jess No Limit Item, Newest Esmeralda Build, Esmeralda Build Sick, Esmeralda Assassin Sick, Deadly Esmeralda Build, Strongest Esmeralda Build, Esmeralda 2021 -Build:

  • Demon shoes
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Lightning stick
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Concentrated energy
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Disaster Reaper
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Holy crystal
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blood wing
    Build equipment Esmeralda Mobile Legends Top Global

The build above is Esmeralda’s strongest build in Mobile Legends then Combat spells what is Second hand Heroine Esmeralda:

Set of Esmeralda hero emblems:

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