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Multiple match modes in Mobile Legends

There are several match modes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, each of which has its own uniqueness. Okay, only exclusively:

Match-Up Mode (Normal Mode)
This is the usual and more relaxed mode. You just make a room, invite friends if necessary, and then meet up. After this new battle / war.

Ranking mode
This is a more serious and more strategic mode. The higher your rank, the higher the skills of the opponent you will meet. In the Warrior and Elite divisions, players usually still play solo and play match-up mode. In the Master and Grand Master divisions, the average gamer already has friends who play with the guild / clan or just playmates. Suggestion: If you are still playing alone and find another player with a good style of play, invite them as a friend so you can play together in ranked mode. The Epic and Legend divisions are filled with players who are well versed in the game, many of whom are already PRO.
Remarks :

  • Do not test the hero in ranked mode. Trying out new heroes can be done in AI mode or custom mode.
  • If your network is subpar, try match-up or brawl mode first whether you can play the game smoothly or not. I feel sorry for those who get ranked seriously and then you lag behind and become a burden on the team.
  • Focus on finding gaps to repay the opponent’s tower. Don’t be so eager to kill your opponent until you rush to his tower, get attacked by the tower, and then admit he is lagging behind. (yes, except for the Pro, dancing on the opposing tower is also relaxed, as long as you understand how the tower works)

Brawl mode
This is a shorter game mode, each team only gets 2 towers and 1 base. This is a great place for casual games or a place for rally & push practice.

Custom mode
This is a mode in which we can make various settings based on our needs.
– Can humans versus AI
– Can be human VS human (must add friends first)
– the amount is also flexible, it can be 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 5, etc.
Custom mode is typically used to test newly purchased heroes. A place to train with friends, an area to train with enemies, an area to train with guild / clan friends, etc.

Human / human VS AI
This is also a training area where new heroes can also be tried out. It can be normal mode or brawl mode, and in terms of difficulty, it can also be set to easy or medium / normal.

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