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Build Alucard Sick from Top Global Cold Auto Savage 2021 – This is the list of the sickest Alucard build items from the Top Mobile Legends 2021. Using this strongest gear is guaranteed to be Autosavage!

This time around, we have the opportunity to write the strongest build arrangement for Alucard that can give you ferocity. But before we get down to the main topic, let’s first take a look at the background of this hero.

Alucard is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. Even so, his skills are still the best in the roles of fighter and assassin. When fighting with a sword, Alucard’s ability is best when dealing directly with opponents.

This hero, with the reverse name Dracula, is indeed the one most feared by other hand-to-hand combatants. Like Dracula, Alucard can steal blood every time his attack hits the enemy.

The only thing that can stop it are stunning or crowd control heroes like Khufra, Eudora, Aurora and Moskov. Therefore, as a tip, avoid direct battles with the above heroes!

Build Alucard Tersakit Auto Savage

For those of you who can’t wait to see the most powerful build of Alucard, it is good to see the details of this hero’s abilities. In addition to the insights, you will learn how strong Alucard is in dealing with opponents.

Alucard status

  • PS: 2821
  • Where :-
  • Mana Restoration: –
  • HP recovery: 39
  • Physical attack: 123
  • Magical Power: –
  • Protection: 21
  • Magic shield: 10
  • Movement speed: 260
  • Attack speed: 0.9

Alucard’s ability

  • capability passive: If the basic attack hits the enemy, the attack is multiplied by 1.2 and if it hits 2 enemies, it is multiplied by 1.1. The next attack automatically moves towards the target.
  • First ability – Floor splinters : Jump forward and increase your attack. Each attack deals +240 physical damage and slows down the enemy.
  • Second ability – Whirling blow: Alucard’s sword spins, injuring the enemy, dealing +230 physical damage with an additional 140% physical attack.
  • Third ability (ultimate) – Gap shaft : Blocks attacks on enemy heroes. Increases + 20% Life Steal and deals additional damage to enemies for 8 seconds. Throwing attack waves deals +440 Physical damage.

Build Alucard Hurts in Mobile Legends

Below are the latest Alucard articles for 2021 that we have successfully summarized:

Haas’ claws

Build Alucard: Haas' claws

According to the latest update, Haas’s Claws is an item that you need to purchase first. In addition to increasing attacks, this item can be used to increase Alucard’s passive abilities thanks to its lifeblood.

This item adds +70 physical attack and gives 20% life stealing effect which can be used to get the HP bar. Not only that, if your HP is below 40%, your life-stealing ability will increase by 10%.

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Warrior boots

Build Alucard: warrior boots

The next item to buy is Warrior Boots. This shoe item is very useful when you are using Skill 1 and want to escape the enemy ambush. This item not only increases movement speed, but can increase physical defense by up to 25 points.

But anyway, who should you stay with when your opponent has a stunned hero.

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Endless struggle

Endless struggle

There is nothing wrong with often referring to this article as an all-in-one article. Imagine that in one item you can get a multitude of additional unique skills that can make you stronger.

With this item you get +65 Physical Attack, +25 Magic Power, +250 HP, +300 Mana, + 5% Movement Speed ​​and + 15% Lifesteal which is very suitable from Alucard. By stacking such life-stealing items and combining them with their passive abilities, it is not impossible that every Alucard attack will keep the HP awake.

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Berserker’s rage

Berserker's rageThe next item Alucard needs to buy is Berserker’s Fury. This item is one of the best pieces of equipment that can provide a critical attack opportunity with very large damage.

You can use this item to attack unprepared enemies and perform skill combinations. If you are pressured, you can use the combat spell Incite Rage to greatly increase your attack speed compared to before.

After the guide in terms of Battle points and gear too, it’s not impossible that you can go wild so easily in the early game.

How did it happen?

Because this item can add +65 Physical Attack, accompanied by + 25% Critical Attack Chance, which makes it easier for you to attack your opponent. Not to mention the passive ability in the form of Alucard’s life robbery, I’m sure you will be the strongest in the early game.

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Malicious roar

Malicious roarKilling tanks or turrets can sometimes take a long time. But if you manage to buy this, everything will feel easier.

Malicious roar, this item not only makes you stronger but also has a unique ability that your enemy’s armor can ignore. Every basic attack you make will ignore the enemy’s armor by 20%.

And after further investigating, not only was the armor of the enemy reduced, but also the turret that you attacked. The defense of the tower will decrease when you use this item.

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Blade of Despair

Build Alucard: Blade of Despair

And the last thing that can make you very strong is the blade of despair. You need to purchase this item if the game has been running for a very long time.

This item adds +170 physical attack and gives 10% attack speed which makes you very strong. And when you have a lot of battle points, you can replace shoe items with Blade of Despair.

Ready for your first savage?

While Alucard is known to be very strong, you still have to be careful with heroes who have crowd control skills, right! I discussed this in the article Alucard counter what to read so you don’t feed yourself when fighting these heroes guys!

The last word

Thank you for reading the article called Build Alucard, the sickest and newest I have written. I hope this article makes it easier for you to go wild in the next game.

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