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How to hide photos and videos on Asus HP

As a smartphone user, protecting your privacy is very important today. Starting with protecting our phones from virus attacks to hiding various files on Android phones that are not suitable for public use.

Everything must be kept strictly confidential in order not to be misused by others. Specifically, file types such as photos and videos that are easily accessible through the gallery menu. With this problem in mind, this time I am going to explain how to hide files, photos and videos on Asus phones with ease.

Fortunately, Asus smartphones come with the following features: Hidden closet which can serve as a tool that can hide files, photos and videos from public consumption. If you use this function, your personal files will not be displayed in the gallery menu.

Very impressive, isn’t it?

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Then how do you hide files, photos and videos on an Asus phone without using additional applications? Let’s look at the following steps.

How to hide files, photos and videos on Asus HP

  • Please open File manager.

Open file manager

  • Scroll your smartphone screen and select Hidden closet or hidden cabinet.

Hidden closet

  • Create a password or PIN code that you can easily remember.

Generate PIN code

  • To hide it, please select the photo and video files you want.

Select a photo or video file

  • Tap the options menu (in the shape of three little circles) and select Move to the hidden closet.

Move to the hidden closet

  • And in no time at all, the photo and video files you selected will be gone from the gallery.
  • To access hidden files, you can open the file manager application and select the Hidden Cabinet menu to view them.

You have to remember!

Before I close this article, I want to share a few things to keep in mind if you are going to use this hidden cabinet feature. After successfully creating a Hidden Cabinet password or PIN, make sure to keep the PIN safe in your head.

Make no mistake, let alone forget it!

So many articles on how to hide files, photos and videos on your Asus phone. Hopefully this article can be useful and don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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