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Title: Best Android puzzle game to play
Link: Best fun puzzle game for Android to play

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Best Android puzzle game to play

The best fun puzzle games for Android to play – For those who are bored of Android games like battle or race, puzzle games are a suitable alternative to playing. Puzzle games on Android not only solve puzzles in the form of puzzles, they also have an exciting background story. Hence, the excitement of this game is no inferior to racing or fighting games. Some types of puzzle games still generally use Puzzle Mode. This mind game is perfect to refresh your mind.

There are different types of puzzle games in the playstore that have interesting game modes. The graphics presented in the cut already have real 3D features. Most of the Android puzzle games are of a size that is not too large, making it suitable for smartphones with limit specifications. While it’s free, the fun you’ll have in this game is in no way inferior to other paid games. Here are some examples of fun puzzle games that can be added to your collection of Android games.

List of fun android puzzle games to play

1. Adventure escape: asylum

The game, released in 2016, takes you into the adventure world with its various exciting chapters. There are 10 chapters in it that have a story full of intrigue. You’ll need to solve the puzzles available in it in order to move on to the next chapter. You have to search for puzzles by looking for specific items as the next direction. This game tells the story of a girl who escaped from a mental hospital and you have to play a puzzle solving adventure.

2. Adventure escape: Murder Manor

This next puzzle game will lead you to a murder case and you must solve it properly. Your ability to uncover the killer will be tested in this Android game. There are 9 parts in this game that you must complete well. All parts are interconnected so this game is highly recommended. Attractive and realistic graphics add to the excitement of this puzzle game.

3. Candy Crush Saga

This game from King is one of the most popular among Android users. More than 500 million users have downloaded this puzzle game. As with most puzzle games, you need to match three or more candies of the same color. There are certain tricks you need to know in order to earn Combo Points. Even though this game is free, it still has an exciting game mode. In addition, the important items that you have to collect in this puzzle game are boosters to get extra lives.

4. Arrange pictures

This game is included in the puzzle where you have to arrange the pieces of the picture. This game is suitable for all ages, including children. You need to arrange the mixed parts of the picture. If you succeed, you will get another difficult level and increase the challenge in this game. This game from Redfoc has 40 different types of images and is sure to be interesting as your newest game choice.

5. Guess the picture

Who does not know the game from this domestic product. Guess The Picture Game is one of the legendary puzzle games and is very famous as it has 10 million downloaded. Quite challenging, this game sharpens the brain as we have to guess a word contained in a confusing collection of images.

These are some examples of fun Android puzzle games. The games mentioned above usually have attractive graphics, so that the players feel at home for a long time. Hope it’s useful.

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