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Title: IRITHEL Marksman Mobile Legend Lion Rider Mobile Legends
Link: IRITHEL Marksman Mobile Legend Lion Rider Mobile Legends

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IRITHEL Marksman Mobile Legend Lion Rider Mobile Legends

What else if we don’t talk about the story of the Mobile Legends heroes. This time we are going to talk about our 43rd order hero, here is a sniper. Who else if not Irithel. This sniper does incredible damage folks, plus the OMG damage area effect, Irithel is the ideal sniper indeed.

Its passive ability, which allows Irithel to keep shooting even while in a running or walking position, makes the pursuit of Irithel cute. And what’s the story of the life of Irithel the Sagittarius the Lion Rider, so check this out.

Destruction hit the land of dawn, the balance began to break as the human race began to discover combat technologies that led to colonization everywhere. The night elves were also affected. One of the night elf territories in the south was destroyed, leading to Irithel’s parents decide to banish Irithel to the south and hope that someone will find her and take care of her as Irithel’s parents are no longer able to take care of Irithel and to protect.

Irithel, who was just a little girl, didn’t know what to do when she was left in the woods. But Smilodon, the mystical lion of the night elf forest, found him. Irithel was very afraid to see Smilodon, which was so big and looked like he was about to eat it. But, unexpectedly, Smilodon chased away the wolf that had pursued Irithel and was about to pounce on him.

Irithel, feeling protected by Smilodon, finally followed the creature continuously. Out of pity on Smilodon for the little girl, Smilodon took her to his cave. Unexpectedly, there is a little Smilodon child named Leo.

From then on, Irithel lived and grew up with Smilodon and his son Leo. Irithel learns to hunt and survive together with Leo, they are a very reliable hunting partner. But one day another Smilodon came who wanted to usurp Smilodon’s power in the Night Elf Forest.

In the fierce battle between Smilodon, Irithel’s guard, Smilodon, lost and was seriously injured. They had to leave the area and go elsewhere to survive and find food.

Along the way, Irithel and Smilodon were intercepted by humanity. The badly injured Smilodon could no longer protect his son Irithel and Leo. Eventually Smilodon died at the hands of the people who met them.

Irithel and Leo are captured and taken to a human city to be made slaves and pets. During the trip to the City of the People, Irithel and Leo are tortured in order to obey the people. Nana the cat elf mage, who happened to be passing by, deeply regretted the unfair treatment of the humans towards Irithel and Leo. Nana then uses Molina’s summoning magic to save her.

Nana also managed to defeat the humans and save Irithel and Leo. Since she does not understand the language of Irithel and Leo, Nana casts an interpreter spell and lets Irithel and Leo speak like elves and humans. Since then, Irithel and Leo hate people even more.

Eventually Leo grew up and became a smilodon, and Irithel also became a powerful night elf. An inseparable couple, the two become hunters and bounty hunters at the same time to survive in the Land of Dawn.

Irithel’s status
Irithel’s abilities
Passive Ability: Jungle Heart

Irithel and Leo knew each other well, which allowed him to shoot along the way. Each basic attack fires 3 heavy arrows (takes a little time to recharge the heavy bow), each arrow deals 42% physical damage (only the first arrow grants passive abilities).

Skill 1: Punishment

Fires a set of arrows that deal 250/280/310/340/370/400 physical damage to nearby enemies and 3/3/3/3 on their physical defense. long by 15/24/33/42/51/60 / 3/3 seconds.

Skill 2: Queen’s Power

Leo screams loudly, dealing 200/230/260/290/320/350 physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed 2. long by 80% / 80% / 80% / 80% / 80% / 80% / 2/2/2/2/2 seconds.

Ultimate: Heavy crossbow

Jump forward and use a heavy crossbow that increases auto attack by 10% / 20% / 30% and deals physical damage to nearby enemies and enemies for 15/15/15 seconds.

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