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Benefits of Choosing Miner as a Profession in LifeAfter Games - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Cert Miner – This is a follow-up article from the Guide to Choosing a Professional Cert in the Game lifeafter, where in the previous post I discussed the benefits of choosing a Professional Cert Lumberjack. This time, I’m going to discuss the benefits of the next profession, which is miner.

Lumberjack professional certificate

The miner profession in lifeafter game is very important, if the lumberjack has an advantage in felling trees, the miner will benefit from the mining of minerals like copper ore, tin ore, iron ore, aluminum ore etc. You will also get speed or speed in mining if You choose to become a miner, you also get a high critical hit chance when mining minerals, and of course this increases the high drop chance of getting secondary resources from boulders. Silicon, which is an important ingredient and is usually expensive in the market, becomes an exclusive item that you can get by choosing a miner as your profession.

The benefits of being a miner – LifeAfter

For more details on what skills you can get when you choose a professional Cert Miner, I’ve rounded them up below.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Cert Miner

1. Miner for secondary resources

Choosing the lumberjack profession, you can easily get secondary resources from trees such as twig, hardwood, etc. Miners also have advantages in mining minerals, secondary resources easily extracted by miners in the form of iron ore, flint and tin ore.

2. Increase the mining speed

Mining speed increased The mining speed is increased by 4%.

3. Increasing the critical chance

The number of rock samples you will mine will be higher if there is a critical hit while mining. The additional critical chance when choosing the miner profession is 2.5%.

4. Article Exclusive miner, silicone

This is an item that can only be obtained from a miner. Every profession has a special item that can only be obtained / produced by each profession. Silicon can be obtained from the mining of Level IV ore.

5. Can copper mine?

In addition to silicon, you can also mine copper ore minerals with Professional Cert Miner. Copper ore can be obtained by mining Tier IV ore.

These are some of the pros or cons of choosing a professional cert miner in the LifeAfter game. Each profession has its own set of advantages, which makes this game balanced. The next job is hemp picking.

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