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Benefits of Choosing Professional Cert Lumberjack - LifeAfter - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

You will be instructed to take the Professional Cert later when you carry out the Newbie Quest Chapter III. However, there must be some of you who are still confused and hesitant to choose the right Professional Cert. I will also provide an overview of each Professional Cert that you select in the LifeAfter game.

For professional certs, you can learn from the trade office, visit the Hope 101 card and enter the trade office. Those who are still confused, tap the map in the upper right corner, there is a marker in the form of an exclamation mark (!), The location of the trade office is marked with it. Meet up there and talk to the NPC named Jessica, she is in the room upstairs. For those of you who have joined the camp, the Jessica NPC Trade Office can be found in Camp Hall.

Lumberjack game LifeAfter

There are nine professional certificates in the LifeAfter game that you can choose from. Here are the nine professional certificates;

  1. lumberjack
  2. Miner
  3. Hemp pickers
  4. Weapons manufacturer
  5. armor
  6. Furniture maker
  7. Sagittarius
  8. sniper
  9. warrior

Given this choice, many players will be confused because they are afraid that they will choose the wrong profession later. For this, PlayGames-id will provide an understanding of the details of the Professional Cert in this LifeAfter game. I hope it can help you.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Certified Lumberjack

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Certified Lumberjack - LifeAfterThere are more advantages to felling trees for this lumberjack profession. The advantages; The speed of logging is increased, critical hits are more frequent, and it is also easier to obtain secondary resources, such as Branches, grapevines, etc. After taking up the lumberjack profession, you can take tree stumps and olives. Broadleaf is an exclusive ingredient that can be obtained by cutting down a Tier IV tree. Here are more details on the skills you can have if you want to choose the lumberjack profession in the LifeAfter game.

1. Speed ​​logging

The tree felling speed is increased by 4%, with this added logging speed it will definitely help those of you gathering the wood resources.

2. Chance of critical Increases critical

When chopping wood, you will receive extra wood if you have a critical hit on the felled tree. By choosing the lumberjack profession, the possibility of critical events will occur more frequently. Critical gain increased by 2.5.

3. Possibility of acquiring secondary resources more frequently

Professional Certificate Lumberjack, in addition to the possibility of increasing the chance of critical hits when cutting down, it can also increase the possibility of obtaining secondary resources more often, which we know is quite difficult to obtain items such as twigs and hardwood vines. This gives you an additional drop rate of 2% to receive secondary resources when you cut trees.

4. BoxWood is an exclusive material

You get this exclusive resource that can only be obtained by choosing a lumberjack as your profession. You can get this material by cutting down a level IV tree.

Those are the 4 perks / advantages that you can feel if you want to choose the profession of woodcutter in the Lifeafter game. Of the various profession certificates that are out there, many players choose lumberjack because they can make money by selling resources that can only be obtained by choosing that profession. Next we will discuss about the professional cert miner.

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