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Alucard god? Here are the 7+ best Alucard counters for 2021 – Who Said Alucard Dewa? No, this is how you beat Alucard with the best counter in Mobile Legends.

Confused How To Beat Alucard Who Has High Lifesteal? Try the hero counter Alucard in the following Mobile Legends. The fight against Alucard just got easier!

As a hero with 2 roles at the same time, namely fighter and assassin, Alucard is sometimes OP when he is at the end of the game. Each stroke of his sword can produce additional blood that we normally call life theft.

No kidding, Alucard’s Lifesteal capability is very high. When a player uses Build aluminum card which we recommended, even chasing the enemy into the enemy tower will not let him die.

While he has a pretty high Lifesteal ability, that doesn’t mean Alucard can’t be defeated. By choosing the right hero counter, you can turn a professional Alucard player into a feeder.

7 heroes for the best Alucard counter in Mobile Legends

So what are Alucard’s hero counters in Mobile Legends? Let’s look at the explanation below.

1. Helkurt


Helcurt is a nightmare for Alucard players! Where?

It is an advantage for an Alucard to attack one after the other from a short distance. The damage it does and the life robbery it receives make Alucard an overwhelming hero. The more opponents can be defeated, the more advantages can be gained.

However, this does not apply to Helcurt. As a hero, Schweigen Helcurt is actually the toughest opponent for Alucard. When a melee like Alucard forces a duel against Helcurt, Alucard is silenced many times. The silence effect makes Alucard unable to perform both normal attacks and its abilities for a few seconds.

For me, Helcurt is the perfect counterattack so far to defeat Alucard. How about you then

2. Chufra


This hero with armored roller is very suitable as an Alucard counter. Thanks to his abilities, Khufra can become a natural enemy of Alucard. Filled with crowd control abilities that can slow and stun effects, Alucard can be rendered helpless by this hero.

If the enemy chose Khufra in the draft pick, don’t even think about choosing Alucard. It’s already impossible to cast skills, let alone kill your opponent, you can even turn Alucard into Alufeed.

3. Kaja

Alucard counter: Kaja

Since experiencing buffs and role changes, Kaja has been the most popular hero in rank mode. Not only does the damage get worse, Kaja also has an Ultimate Skill that is really annoying.

His ultimate can stun the opponent for a long time. Not only that, he can also trick opponents into getting ganked by his teammates. Once caught, even an Alucard can’t do anything about it.

4. Eudora

Eudora Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t have a Eudora? The cheapest hero with a price of 2,000 battle points is in fact not as cool as Kagura or Harley, which have high mobility. This is very reasonable indeed, considering that Eudora is an ancient hero who was created before the famous MOBA.

However, given that this magician’s skills are quite monotonous and not suitable for team fighting, the use of Eudora is slowly being abandoned. From our observations, the number of users in classic mode and ranked mode is also very worrying.

But who would have thought that this cheap and old school hero would be like that Crowd control perfect for catching Alucard in the bush.

Although Eudora’s abilities are monotonous, the numbing effect is certainly very disturbing. Owned by Eudora, Skill 1 and Ultimate are no less scary, you know, when combined successfully, Alucard is easily killed.

5. Natalia

Natalia Mobile Legends

Based on our monitoring results, the number of Natalia players is now growing. In almost every match, I’m sure to find a player assassin who chooses Natalia.

No wonder, because now times have changed. Natalia no longer needs blood fortifying items such as Haas’ claws or Bloodlust ax. Stacking Berseker’s Fury is the perfect decision considering Natalia is not an open arena fight.

And now it’s not difficult to beat Alucard with Natalia. By stacking Berseker’s Fury items, the critical effect generated is very high. Not to mention the passive ability that can create a silence effect like Helcurt, Alucard won’t be able to jump because silence hits him.

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If Alucard runs away and attacks, Natalia can still chase him and create smoke to create an immune effect while increasing the attack speed at the same time. Simple, isn’t it?

6. Aurora

Aurora Mobile Legends

Hero Mobile Legends with an appearance like a Snow White is often seen as a nuisance to opponents because of its unique abilities. Present yourself as the only hero with specialists full control of the crowd This often makes this hero competitive in the MPL event.

It is not without reason that Aurora is very useful when used as a rhythm controller for the opponent’s game. His skills are very troublesome for heroes with high mobility like Alucard and Fanny.

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A slow effect and a very short cooldown are only a small part of its capabilities. Because the main ability of an Aurora is the freeze effect, which can easily freeze the entire opposing team.

If it freezes, your story is over!

7. Martis


If you don’t know Martis, this new banned hero must indeed be selected when meeting player Alucard. Why?

It turns out that Martis, who takes on the role of the fighter, not only has morbid damage, but also acts as crowd control. Yup! Aside from being destructive, the skills can also be violent, you know, this skill is very similar to Chou’s middle style of play troubling his opponent.

For more details, please watch the video above!

The last word

Such is the list of the best Alucard counter-heroes in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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