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Wild Rift beats Mobile Legends in Indonesia? – Can League of Legends or LoL Wild Rift presence beat Mobile Legends in Indonesia? We analyze here.

The release of the newest game, League of Legends Wild Rift, has indeed attracted a lot of public attention, especially MOBA game activists like Mobile Legends. The presence of this game seems like a breath of fresh air too, especially for MOBA elites who are anti-mobile legends as it is known to be littered with 8-bit graphics.

Unlike the Battle Royale game competition between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire which can be quite stable, MOBA game competition in Indonesia is indeed unhealthy. Moonton’s monopoly on MOBA games for 3 full years is a huge achievement.

Mobile legends and achievements

During this time, Mobile Legends always ranks first in the Popular Free Games category on the Google Play Store and second in the Popular Best Selling Games category after Free Fire.

This is of course a very fantastic achievement considering that since 2021 many Youtubers or game analysts have been calling Mobile Legends a seasonal game that will decline over time, like Among Us, for example. But all of that is completely refuted.

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In fact, not without competition, several MOBA genre games have tried their luck to beat Mobile Legends popularity in Indonesia, namely Arena of Valor, Vainglory, Marvel Super War, Onmyoji Arena, Heroes Evolved and many others.

But everything only ends in defeat and ends as a dead game. How could that happen?

Mobile Legends has the largest gaming community in Indonesia

RRQ fans

Unlike most MOBA games, the Mobile Legends community in Indonesia is arguably very large. In almost every corner of the village they know that they even held small tournaments to liven up their village.

The love of the Indonesian players is proven by breaking the top views of esports matches around the world in 2021 where Mobile Legends still takes first position with the MPL Indonesia S6 event, with the overall top views for RRQ match 2 Reaching 9 million against the alter ego. In second place is the LoL World Championship 2021 with 1.7 million peak views.

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Then what about the fate of LoL Wild Rift in Indonesia?

Unlike the previous MOBA that was released empty-handed. LoL: Wild Rift arguably has a big name all over the world with a number of seasoned players in Indonesia.

Armed with a fairly large LoL community paired with tens of thousands of elite gamers, it is still not enough to compete with the Mobile Legends community in Indonesia in my opinion.

RRQ Lemon vs Jess No Limit, who is the strongest leading man?


It is undeniable that Lemon is one of the people who played an important role in popularizing the Mobile Legends game in Indonesia. In addition, RRQ’s face also has an unusual personality, is calm and not arrogant, therefore he is loved by his fans.

Not only in Indonesia there are many lemon fans from different countries in SEA. Interestingly, several EVOS Singapore players claimed to idolize Lemon and wanted to compete against him in a major tournament.

Interesting facts

Most Lemon fans are RRQ fans, and most Mobile Legends players are Lemon fans too. Lemon is Mobile Legends and Mobile Legends is Lemon.

Lemon’s presence at various major Mobile Legends Indonesia tournaments is a success not only for RRQ but also for Moonton. How a game creates a lead actor who has a lot of fans is a success for the game.

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Then what about the fate of LoL: Wild Rift?

Amid the excitement surrounding MPL ID S6, Riot Games attempted to attack the MOBA market by launching the game LoL: Wild Rift. LoL moved quickly by bringing in Jess No Limit as an Indonesian gaming youtuber and also a former Mobile Legends pro gamer in a video ad.

In the first week after League of Legends Wild Rift was released on the Play Store, the game garnered 10 million downloads and ranked 4th for popular free games. Unfortunately, LoL: Wild Rift was kicked to 41st place when this article was published, which is of course not a good thing.


Can LoL Wild Rift Beat Mobile Legends in Indonesian MOBA Market? According to our analysis, given the size of the ML community in Indonesia and the absence of Lemon as the main player in Mobile Legends, this is a very difficult thing to do.

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