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Title: AKAI Hero Panzerpanda destroys enemy formations in the mobile legend
Link: AKAI Hero Panzerpanda destroys enemy formations in the mobile legend

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AKAI Hero Panzerpanda destroys enemy formations in the mobile legend

Upon entering this second roller armor, Akai is with his Hurricane Dance. Who doesn’t know this panda, apart from its cute character design, it turns out that this panda also has a story behind its character creation. What do you think?

In a remote village, all living beings live, they live side by side. Nothing hostile, everything went well. A carefree panda from the village lived there, his name was Akai. Every night Akai dreams of becoming a great warrior who will help everyone who is in trouble with his strength.

But when he wakes up in the morning, he always finds himself a fat and clumsy panda. He often slips while doing everything, in fact he always feels that there is nothing he can do but make mistakes. Every day someone shouts his name out of carelessness.

At one point Akai was sad because everyone was making fun of him and saying that there was nothing he could do but walk around making himself dizzy and messing with people. Then Akai fled to the forest across from his village because he was very ashamed and sad.

In his sadness, Akai saw a monk practicing tai chi in the forest. The monk circled like Akai to fend off the animal that would eat him, at that moment Akai was amazed at the monk and then Akai secretly practiced every day to be able to do it.

Akai returned to his village happy, he no longer listened to the mockery of the villagers who only looked down on him. Akai wakes up every morning to practice in the forest until one day the monk finds Akai practicing and Akai approaches. He could see the potential in Akai and smiled. Akai asked, “Master, are you ready to be my teacher?” The monk smiled and said, “Come to the temple on the hill if you want to practice”.

Akai’s parents, who don’t know what their child is doing, worry because too many people are making fun of their child. But Akai did not pay much attention to him, and from that day on, Akai visited the temple on the hill every morning every morning.

When the monk saw Akai’s persistence, he taught Akai everything he knew about tai chi. Akai has become a strong person and can help others, but that doesn’t stop the monk’s training.

The monk said that if Akai wanted to get stronger now, he had given Akai all he could. Go to the Land of Dawn, there you train every day with an opponent you cannot underestimate. When he heard Akai agree and said that he would say goodbye to his parents first.

After finishing everything, Akai returned to the monk and said that he was now ready to go to the Land of Dawn. The monk also said win honestly, never give up, do everything in your power to keep fighting. All you get if you want to try and never give up.

Then the monk led Akai to a door connected to the world of the Land of Dawn. And now get ready to take the stage in the fighting world and prove that you are capable of defending the weak and defeating all evil.

Akai stepped in confidently and said, “I’m ready !!!”



Tai Chi (Passive)

Every time a spell is cast, Akai gains a shield of his maximum HP that can block 2% ///// damage taken for seconds, only valid every second.

A thousand pounds

Jumps into a target area and deals 170/200/230/260/290/320 physical damage to enemies after landing. Targets in a certain area are stunned for seconds.


Fires a frog-shaped shock wave at the enemy, the shock wave explodes on contact with the enemy or when it reaches the maximum range limit, dealing 120/140/160/180/200/220 pts. Physical damage and marking the enemy for seconds; Automatic attacks on enemies with markers give additional benefits<%Num3> from Akai’s maximum HP as physical damage.

Hurricane dance

Spins like a tornado for 4/4/4 seconds and starts attacking the target. Each collision knocks the target back, dealing 50/100/150 physical damage (damage decreases when the same target is hit). After Akai uses a skill and clears all CC on himself, he becomes resistant to all CC while spinning and his movement speed is increased by points.

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