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Title: Hero You Must Know In Mobile Legend: Bang Bang
Link: Hero You Must Know In Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

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Hero You Must Know In Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Have you played Mobile Legends Game: Bang Bang often? Or do you just want to try it out? It is good that you need to know about the hero that you need to try..

This strategy action game or you often call it a MOBA game
(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) This increasing trend often lets you play this game incessantly or because of the large number of heroes up to 52 heroes or because of the simple gameplay. This 5v5 game uses a local server to speed up the process Matchmaking. This game is also supported Customer service local from Garena Indonesia.

Well, I’ll show you all some of the heroes you need to know that are widely used during the MOBA tournament in Sengglarain.


Valkyrie this one is famous for Burst damage hers that could kill anyone caught by surprise. blessing Skills Without a doubt, this hero is considered to be the strongest hero.




Generates a sacred shield that surrounds the hero after every other basic attack. When stacked three times, it activates the sacred shield accelerator and deals damage to enemies it passes through.


Cooldown 10, mana cost 80
Jump into the target area, dealing 250 physical damage to enemies in the area and pulling enemies into the center


Cooldown 7.5 Mana Cost 80
Increases 3 basic attacks and the subsequent attack speed. Attack # 3 stains the target in a fan-shaped area in front of the hero, causing 220 Physical harm.


Cooldown 34 Mana Cost 120
Switches to Valkyrie Mode, dealing 400 physical damage to nearby enemies and increasing the hero’s attack power by 20 and increasing armor and magic resistance by 15.


Often referred to as the Assassin Hero, Hovering Blade / is a very annoying hero when someone who is an expert plays it and this hero has a very high level of difficulty compared to other heroes.



Increases the damage you can get while flying by 10 to 20% depending on the flight speed and adds loot tokens to targets that can be stacked up to 2 times. Killing a hero with the token from Prey will gain energy for Fanny, 10 points per shift.


Cooldown 3.5 Mana Cost 25
Whirls his sword, dealing 260 physical damage to nearby enemies


Mana cost 15
Throws the cable it pulls towards the first obstacle it crosses. Each successive application within 3 seconds reduces the mana cost 1. If the energy is sufficient, a tornado strike is triggered.


Cooldown 35 Mana Cost 25
Starts an attack on the enemy that deals 500 physical damage. When it hits an enemy with a loot mark, the damage increases by 20% per shift.

3. Lancelot

Lancelot is an assassin type hero with his abilities which are quite painful, especially his Ability 2 which makes it counter any magic or any enemy abilities. even in the ranked hero, this hero is often banned as it is quite widespread as it can penetrate the back of the enemy’s defenses.




Every 10 seconds Lancelot performs the defensive move “surgical appointment”, the next basic attack makes the target defenseless, Lancelot inflicts 20% additional damage to defenseless enemies.


Cooldown 14.0 Mana Cost 50

Charges in the targeted direction and inflicts 100 points of damage, the target is engraved with the sword mark, if the dropped target has no sword mark, the cooldown of Pierce is renewed.

thorny rose

Cooldown 8.0 Mana Cost 70

Perform an amazing sword technique in an area that can hit the enemy up to 3 times, dealing 250 physical damage and slowing the enemy by 1 second on each hit. Slow effect layer.


Cooldown 27.0 Mana Cost 100

After a short loading time, Lancelot performs a forward strike executioner, he is invincible throughout the process and inflicts 400 pts physical damage to his enemies.

This is the hero item that you need to know about in Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

That is the Hero article you need to know about this time in Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, hopefully you can all benefit from it. Well, see you in another article post.

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