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Title: A gamer’s nightmare
Link: Nightmare for a gamer

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A gamer’s nightmare

A gamer's nightmare

Are you a gamer? GAMER is a person who plays games for the purpose of entertainment, or playing games is a hobby in daily life. Playing games is indeed one of the most entertaining activities, because there are things in it that are addicting, for example the game is challenging, exciting and arousing curiosity, and online games are springing up on all platforms, most of them over Have social features that can connect us with other players.

But in fact, playing games isn’t always a fun activity, glitches big or small can cause a gamer’s nightmare, although not all gamers experience it, but believe it or not, if you are a gamer you have to have experienced from the events that made you lazy, playing games, eliminating the mood, playing games, and so on, to cause trouble for no reason.

Below is a nightmare for a gamer.

1. Insufficient memory

For those of you who love to play computer games or smartphones, you need to be prepared to allocate enough storage if you don’t want this to become your nightmare. Choose one of your favorite games to uninstall or delete Because of the latest game that you want to try it is a very difficult decision indeed, plus the new game requires a large enough storage space and requires deleting more than one game for us have enough space to install the new game will you choose the new game or the old one?

2. No internet data

Internet data is one of the most important things in playing online-based games, without Internet data the game will not run and cannot be played. Have you ever run out of Internet data when playing games or wanting to invite friends over to Mabar or play together or even in the middle of it run out of quota for a game in progress? Was that a nightmare.

    3. Loss of battery
    A gamer's nightmare

    A laptop or smartphone with a failed battery can be a nightmare for gamers, we cannot play games if we are not at home while we plug in the Cas because the battery runs out quickly. How sad when we are on a trip or stand in line just stunned, even if we take the powerbank with us at any time is useless, because if the battery level drops significantly, the powerbank will not cope, and many online games now actually consume more battery than offline games.

    4. Have a low specification smartphone

    For those of you who have low spec smartphones, get ready to trade them in for high spec if you don’t want this nightmare to happen, why? Mobile phone with high specifications, for example, the RAM must be at least 2 GB. If you are low on RAM the game will not run smoothly, there will be a delay in opening the game and it will not even open. If you don’t have a smartphone or a high-spec computer, you won’t be able to run heavy games, certainly better in terms of graphics and parts.

    5. Power off or power failure

    If a power failure is a nightmare for a player, the battery of the computer or smartphone is running low, although there is a power bank that is the solution, it will not last long. Nintendo etc, don’t expect you to be able to play it service providers with certain internet carriers which are also down, but not in all areas.

    This is my article on some gamer nightmares and hopefully it will come in handy.

    So article nightmare for a gamer

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