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Title: Tree Fairy (Dryad) – Common Hero – Castle Conflict – Castle Clash
link: Tree Fairy (Dryad) – Ordinary Hero – Castle Conflict – Castle Clash

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Tree Fairy (Dryad) – Common Hero – Castle Conflict – Castle Clash

dryad (dryad), which is categorized as Ordinary hero (Ordinary heroes) Castle conflict (Castle fight) what some players forget, though hero it is very useful to defend the kingdom from enemy attack. Watch as you use these heroes to defend the kingdom from enemy attacks until you are victorious!
Dryad – Castle Clash

Tree fairy (dryad)

-is one of many heroes Castle conflict (Castle fight), which are categorized as ordinary heroes.

This one hero has a good character in battle. With his ability, he is able to inflict 100% damage on the target, which is comatose for 1 second. Not only dryad (dryad) who has good skills in defending the kingdom, but there are plenty of other heroes to choose from with different characters as well.

Over the course of the game Castle conflict (Castle fight), now with a higher version many new heroes have been presented for the lovers. During the creation and release of this game, not only were the Ordinary Heroes introduced for the first time to fill this online game strategy category, but there are still better and stronger stats than these heroes, namely Elite Heroes and Legends. ). So aren’t ordinary heroes too important to be selected because there are other heroes who are stronger and have better stats, like elite heroes and legends?

I think it’s very important. Because although elite and legend heroes have skills that go beyond ordinary heroes, but are in the game Castle conflict (Castle fight) This is where players need to be able to devise special strategies to fight and survive when attacked, and here is the importance of ordinary heroes including heroes dryad (dryad) Namely to defend the kingdom from enemy attacks.

For battle, Legendary Heroes may be more useful than other Heroes, but in order to defend the kingdom from enemy attack, it is not enough to just defend Legend Heroes without other Heroes like this Ordinary Hero. Then how do you defend the kingdom with the hero? Continue reading..!

There are many ways to defend the kingdom from enemy attack that is, by building a fortress with the maximum level paired with the BASIC style, which can lure the opponent into a created trap, or using a tower (tower) with a hero in it. Well, this time I’m going to use Tower as an example.

Castle Clash Tower (TOWER)

In the game Castle conflict (Castle fight), tower is one of the most important parts of resisting enemy attacks, and there are three types tower(TOWER) that can be used. Within tower This can be instilled by the hero in addition to the attack DMG. Remarks: tower that can be planted by heroes when they reach level 10 of the base tower and have been upgraded.
Tower-castle collision

tower What can withstand enemy attacks and what can heroes be embedded in? This is the third tower the:

1.Archer tower (Arrow tower)
  • Archer tower or Arrow tower perfect for combining with ordinary, elite or legendary heroes. In the archer tower, common heroes are useful for mIncrease range by 3, and the hero will be the ultimate goaluh first. While elite heroes are useful for mIncrease HP up to 10 % and DMGng generates up to 2%. to hero Legend is useful for mto lift 150% DMG on Hero.

    2. Electric tower (Magic tower)
    • Electric tower or Magic tower is the second tower that players often use to guard and defend their kingdom. Electric Tower is very useful when combined with ordinary heroes, elites and legends. In the Electric Tower, ordinary heroes are useful for increaseATK-SPD is 10%, in contrast to the Elite Hero, the Has a 10% chance to coma the target for 2 seconds. As for the legendary hero himself, he is useful for increaseTarget of attack up to 1 and additional DMG up to 5%.

      3. Cannon tower (Cannon tower)
      • Cannon tower or Cannon tower also good for royal defense with Ordinary heroes, elites and legends. Ordinary hero is useful for increasing the splash area by 1. hero Elite is useful for Increases DMG by 20%. Legendary hero too Has a 25% chance of letting go 2 lucky shotm at once. “Cannon tower” does not recognize enemy troops or heroes while flying.

        Remarks: Different hero ranks produce different effects.

        To msee the players Castle conflict (Castle fight), many players only upgrade the Legend Hero without upgrading Other heroes like Ordinary Heroes are also elites. Even if the role of the hero is very important in strengthening the defense of the kingdom.

        level level hero

        Relying on a good base also uses Legendary Heroes plus towers, without placing heroes in them to defend enemy attacks they still sometimes give in, but with heroes placed in the tower it can cause that Reduce damage even if the hero placed in the tower reaches the maximum. will most likely get victory. This is why ordinary heroes are important in defending a kingdom against enemy attack because if you are only relying on legendary heroes without the hero, I don’t think that’s right.

        The conclusion is that ordinary heroes, elites, and legends have their own advantages and disadvantages. To perhaps attack, legendary heroes are more useful than other heroes, but both ordinary heroes and elite are very important to defend enemy attacks by placing them in towers.

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