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Title: 5 Tips for Playing on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map – Instant Chiken Dinner Guaranteed !!
link: 5 tips for playing on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map – Instant Chiken Dinner guaranteed !!

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5 Tips for Playing on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map – Instant Chiken Dinner Guaranteed !!

Playing PUBG mobile on the Sanhok card is actually easy and difficult, you are trained to think quickly and also tactically. How not, the Sanhok map has tall grass and lots of trees. So you have to be very careful to see your enemy.

Getting a Chicken Dinner on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile map is not just about getting lots of kills, but how to survive to the end of the game and be the last person alive in Sanhok.

The Sanhok card is new to PUBG Mobile and brings new gameplay to the Battle Royale game. For this reason, you will also need to change the way you play, with the Sanhok card being very different from the Erangel card or the Miramar card.

PNPMind is going to share 5 tips to help you play better so you can get chickens on the sanhok card. We have summarized it in 5 points that we think are very important.

Okay let’s take a look so it’s clear how to get Chicken Dinner on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile card quick, check it out ^^

1. Wear dark clothing

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

As you know, the grass in Sanhok is very tall compared to the grass on the Erangel map. This is because the Sanhok card is very small and we have to play in the shade of a tree.

So if you haven’t found a ghillie suit, your best bet is before you find a match. Open your inventory and wear dark clothing that matches the map.

This can maximize your ability to hide under the grass and forest on the sanhok map. You can be sure that getting Chicken Dinner on this Sanhok PUBG Mobile card will be very easy for you!

2. Try to dive quickly to the edge of the island

PUBG Mobile
Player jumps from the plane

Based on my own experiences and observations as a writer and PUBG gamer while playing PUBG Mobile. After wearing dark clothing, the next step will determine your journey in battle. That means the most important thing is to determine where you will end up.

If you’re playing in Sanhok, and regardless of the direction the plane is crossing the map, make sure you and your teammates jump quickly on the edge of the island, why? Not only can you collect more loot, but you can also predict the location of the storage zone.

Complete combat gear and medical supplies that you can quickly collect is the second reason to jump to the edge of the map. This allows you to move really faster at the beginning and enter the save zone with a sense of calm.

Don’t continue to be a victim in Sanhok, next tips will make sure you play on PUBG Mobile!

3. Always on the white line

Map Sanhok PUBG Mobile
Map Sanhok PUBG Mobile

If you keep following the white line on the menu, you can be sure that you will always be safe and have chicken dinner on this Sanhok menu without any hassle. The movement of the circular lines on the Sanhok map is very fast !. You also need to move quickly in a short amount of time.

Hence, you need to watch out for the time and save zone timer as well, especially for those of you who have played Erangel a lot and who usually have a long time to move.

You and your teammates will try to avoid using vehicles as much as possible while playing in Sanhok. why? Because not only will your position be easier for the enemy to find, but you will also lose more easily if you are ambushed by the enemy.

4. Trees and grass are home

Houses on the Sanhok Map

Some people may hate playing hide and seek in PUBG Mobile, but there are also some who are very good at dodging until the end and only appear when there are few enemies left. Maybe you are one of them ^^

If you want to get a chicken dinner on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile card, you have to be a cursing shadow behind trees and grass and large rocks.
Because that’s the safest place to hide on the Sanhok map.

For the first point, remember that if you want to survive and hold out longer, you must be able to merge with the Sanhok card. So hiding around the house is also a safe choice as you can hear the sound of footsteps more clearly and avoid gunshots. Also, try using a headset when playing so that you can hear all the steps clearly so that you are not surprised if the enemy is in front or behind you.

However, you are vulnerable to bombing in your home. In addition, there must also be a lot of objects scattered around the house in order to bother you while looking around, try not to press the button so as not to loot or turn off the automatic selection. You will find it easier to watch and target the enemy.

5. Best landing site

Best landing position
Best landing position

As in the previous explanation, you and your team will need to end up on the edge of the Sanhok map as much as possible in order to survive longer. Hence, we determined which places are safe and have lots of good loot results.

For those of you who like to play in squads, landing in Ha Tinh and Mongnai may be your top priority. Because these two places have lots of items and weapons that you can share with your teammates.

However, if you are playing solo and looking for adventure. Landing at Camp Alpha and Sahmee can be a challenge in itself to begin the journey to a chicken dinner on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile map!

What do you think of tips to get chicken in Sanhok? Hopefully you can use this method well for finding chickens with your friends or on your own in PUBG Mobile! Leave a comment if you have any more tips
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This is the article 5 Tips for Playing the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map – Instant Chiken Dinner Guaranteed !!

This is the article 5 Tips for Playing the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map – Instant Chiken Dinner Guaranteed !! this time hopefully can be useful to all of you. Well, see you in another article post.

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