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Title: Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game
Link: Easy Ways To Destroy The Tower In Mobile Legends Game

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Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game

This blog offers tricks and tips on the subject just for you SMARTPHONE including games and hunting dollars. Ok this time admind is going to share tricks on how to easily destroy towers in Mobile Legends game. The trick I gave here may have been many other blogs discussing it, but only in this blog maybe you can find a simple and correct trick according to your wish.

I’m going to cover a little bit about the Mobile Legends game that has become increasingly popular with both older and young players in recent years. Mobile Legends game is a MOBA (Multiplyer Online Battle Arena) war strategy game with 10 players and is in 2 Teams divided. namely 5vs5, so a compact team cooperation that dominates the victory of every battle arena, as well as the selection of the right hero, qualified skills, all these are mandatory requirements to win any battle arena. And I don’t forget to remember that the goal of the Mobile Legends game is to destroy the turret and the turret is the most powerful first defense tower in the Mobile Legends game, what you need to keep in mind about the turret is that if its If the force hits the same target it will continue to increase, so your hero has to be careful when he is in close proximity to the enemy turret.

What is a tower?

Turret is the name for the defense tower in the game Mobile Legends, so each team has to guard 10 towers, namely to keep the tower in our defense area and to destroy all of the opponent’s towers.

You can achieve victory if your team can destroy the opponent’s last tower first. So don’t ignore our tower or that of your opponent and just hunt for kills as often as possible or become an MVP to be the best. Below are some tricks on how to do that to easily destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game that can be useful for you to get victory in any battle arena is usually the arena that is the prima donna of Mobile Legends players , RANKING.

1. Attack the tower at the beginning of the game
Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game

Usually the enemy looks for forest monsters at the beginning of the game to get a buff first instead of keeping the tower, although a level 1 hero takes a very long time to kill 1 forest monster to quickly destroy the opponent’s turret, and usually Turrets that are not guarded above or below, and the task is better entrusted to the tank and the rifleman.

2. Ready to sacrifice
Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game

This task is usually assigned to the Hero Tank, as a tanker actually has a tough job, which is to spearhead the battle. Usually it is normal for the tanker to die many times, but if you have friends who are still noob, even if you get the words that are not good or appropriate, the tank position will blame you, as a tanker you have to be ready to Sacrifice During 2v1 If you lose a lot of blood or HP, this is a second opportunity to push the rook.

3. Choosing the right hero
Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game

If you choose a hero to infiltrate the opponent’s defenses when the opponent is busy attacking our defenses, the right hero who has the ability to slide fast or push the tower quickly and play solo will be one Ability to destroy the tower quickly. Usually this type of hero is Sun with the ability to clone or transform into a crowd can destroy the tower without waiting for our minions to arrive, and Hero Zhask can destroy the tower in seconds by calling a monster Nightmaric releases, which has high Defense Damage and Attack Speed ​​and is in. transformed a great.

4. An attack
Easy ways to destroy the tower in Mobile Legends game

With good cooperation, a simultaneous attack on the tower will most likely result in 5vs1 and the enemy will die instantly. You can attack the tower immediately before other enemies arrive. Remember, it is very difficult to do when you are not crouching or playing with friends or when your teammates want to, you can turn on audio sound mode for chat.

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