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Title: 5 Legend Mobile Hero Danger in the forest area
Link: 5 Legend Mobile Hero Danger in the forest area

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5 Legend Mobile Hero Danger in the forest area

Each hero in Mobile Legends has different traits. The style of play must also be adapted to the hero’s abilities in order to gain an advantage in competition.

When you encounter players who use these heroes, be careful as they can effectively kill you in a wooded area. Who are you? You will immediately see the rating below!

1. Natalia

5 dreaded mobile hero legends in forest areas
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Armed with deadly claws, this assassin is a scourge for those of you who frequently use sniper or mage heroes. Equipped with high mobility, attack speed and deadly destructive power, Natalia is a character to avoid in the forest. With high-level stealth skills, Natalia has the advantage of suddenly attacking enemies.

Do not understand, Natalia took you with her. especially if he’s already fired a smoke bomb, don’t expect to escape. If you use a hero who doesn’t have high durability, they’ll become soft prey for Natalia’s deadly batting style.

2. Fanny

Thanks to her two skills, the steel cables, Fanny is considered the heroine with the highest mobility. Not only is this difficult for the gang, this one hero is also very scary when you are floating around here and there in the wooded area. Since it relies heavily on buffs, don’t be surprised if you see guerrilla buffs helping Buff monsters around you. One thing you have to keep in mind, not everyone can use Fanny because it has been proven that Fanny is the most difficult hero to master. So when you are up against Fanny in ranked mode, you have to be extra careful, never roam jungle areas alone. Why? Because of the narrow path, it is an advantage for Fanny to spam Skill 2 quickly. If you don’t have the skill of having someone stop Fanny’s movement, you’re guaranteed to die instantly.

3. Helkurt

5 dreaded mobile hero legends in forest areas
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Lately, Helcurt has been one of the heroes to be auto-locked in draft mode. It is not without reason that the hero of darkness has now turned into a dreaded figure. Having damage and the silence effect that automatically hits nearby enemies are a number of reasons why Helcurt is “idle”. Helcurt not only has high damage, but also high mobility. Armed with the Dark Knight Falls skill, Helcurt can summon darkness that covers the entire arena, the effect you will be blind for a moment and can only hope that Helcurt is no more.

Since you are often a buff thief hero, you must therefore be careful not to catch this one hero. Because a figure of Helcurt could lurk in any bush. Once you cast the Shadow Rush skill, you will automatically get 1.5 seconds of silence. At this rate, you’ll become soft prey for Helcurt’s deadly attacks.

4. Hayabusa

5 dreaded mobile hero legends in forest areas
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When it comes to one hero who is most often banned, Hayabusa is one of the most feared heroes today. Famous for being slippery and difficult to kill, this “shadow killer” has great mobility and is ready to ambush you at any time. So, be sure to check the minimap in the top left of your screen often. Once you can no longer track his whereabouts, the ninja will likely kill the monsters in the wooded area again. If so, don’t let yourself wander the woods alone instead of dying silly.

One thing that makes Hayabusa creepy is his ultimate ability, which will beat you to death with fatal attacks. This ultimate effect can actually be expected by relying on friends around you so that Hayabusa’s attacks are not focused on you. But when you are alone and hit by Shadow Kill, pray that you will soon have a friend to help you.

5. Moscow

5 dreaded mobile hero legends in forest areas
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This sniper has become one of the most important heroes of his time. Has great physical damage, a passive effect that lets Moskov attack by the enemy, plus high attack speed, which makes Moskov the ideal sniper. But that doesn’t make him a scary figure in the forest area. The Death Spear skill allows Moskov to stun him for a second, but if you get the Death Spear and stay on a rock wall, the stun effect increases to two seconds.

On narrow forest paths, the Moskov user becomes freer to catch you with the spear of death. Once you get “stuck” with the Inspire battle spell, your attack will increase by 55%. With a high attack speed and high damage, even highly mobile heroes like Fanny are guaranteed to remain immobile if they are caught by Moskov’s death spear in a wooded area.

These are the heroes to watch out for in the jungle area, whoever saw their movements better turn around and immediately back away. Wait for reinforcements to arrive before killing monsters in the forest area, as dangerous creatures are always hiding behind your thicket. Do you agree with the above rating? Or do you think that other heroes will become more dangerous in the jungle area?

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